18 Things You Can Do When You Have Nothing to Do at the Office

18 Things You Can Do When You Have Nothing to Do at the Office

18 Things You Can Do When You Have Nothing to Do at the Office

Sometimes having a lot of free time in your hand at the office isn’t always a good thing. With time on your hand and nothing to do at the office, it can get pretty torturous. But no need to fret. Here’s 20 things people from various professions could indulge in when they have free time at the office but can’t leave to go home.


1. LAN Parties!

Source: techreport

It’s the biggest Geek event happening in every unsupervised office space.



2. Stalk almost everyone you know!

Source: blog.reyjunco

When in doubt go creepy!


3. Listen to some music.

Source: bwbx


4. Look at some Not Safe For Work (NSW) material? Maybe?


Just be careful with those facial expressions, someone might be looking.


5. Try to mingle with people you usually don’t give a shit about


Ahh those frandshiping moments!


6. Staring into the abyss.

Source: screwworkletsplay


7. Selfies with your colleagues. 

Source: scontent

Varying jawline movements! #Selfie101


8. Take all kinds of personality quizzes.

Source: buddytv

Because what better than a machine telling you about what you really are.


9. Watch an episode of your favorite TV show.

10. Snapchat your every damn movement!

11. Eat some food. And then some more.



Sometimes you just need to eat your boredom away :/


12. Read a book maybe?

Source: Giphy


13. Play a little Clash of Clans

Source: softpedia

Or whatever floats your boat!


14. Create a DubSmash masterpiece.



15. Take a pen and a paper and bring out your artist.

What you hope for:

Source: hmcoloringpages

What really comes out:

Source: stumbleupon


16. Gossip!

Source: hellogiggles

What’s a better time pass than continuous bullshitting?!



17. Ask your colleagues how their weekend was every Monday.

Source: pretty52


18. Or simply just hit your head against the wall because you have to sit in the office when there’s absolutely no reason for you to be there.


Source: tumblr


Enjoy your day at work 😉

Source: huffington post


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