17 Convincing Reasons Why You Need To Leave Your Job & Join a Pakistani Startup

17 Convincing Reasons Why You Need To Leave Your Job & Join a Pakistani Startup

17 Convincing Reasons Why You Need To Leave Your Job & Join a Pakistani Startup

Gone are the days when you would wake up early in the morning, put on your fresh pressed formal clothes and that dreadfully colorful tie, make your way drearily to work and sit down on your desk for the next 8 hours working like a robot.

Deep down, they all hate their jobs.
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Those old days of a corporate job are better suited in the anecdotes of your parents or those banker friends of yours. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date with the modern world, you must work at a startup. Those colorful pictures of Google’s offices? Not just in pictures. Every startup has that casual, fun and exciting vibe. Get with it.

Here’s why a startup job is the only job for you:


1. Flexible work hours.

Hate the idea of waking up right on the dot every morning and being at the office at exactly 9am? And then getting an ear-load from your manager about being late? Or having your salary cut because you’ve been late a few times? Doesn’t happen at a startup. – even if your boss has showed up to the office before you.

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2. The concept of a ‘boss’ is redefined.

Everyone dreads their boss, right? Wrong. At a startup, your boss is not the typical “boss”, some even hate being called that. It’s a team, people.


3. You’re actually excited to go to work.

So everyone knows you have to work much harder at a startup. Leikin, you’re actually excited to go into work because you feel like you’re actually doing something valuable.

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4. You’re not always looking toward the clock for “home time”

You are so busy enjoying creating new things that you don’t even worry about the time.

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5. No hierarchy and no bureaucracy.

There is no hierarchy since everyone is a team member working with the same vision of simply being awesome. And there is no bureaucracy because if you are the social media person, you may also be the HR guy, and the sales person. So no overly complicated protocols to remember and your boss is not just the CEO he is also the graphics designer and the team cheerleader. #saynotosethculture

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6. No more ties or constricting uniforms.

You can wear whatever you want to work. Even your PJs (if you can pass them on as a “halloween costume” :P). Also your office doesn’t look like a soul sucking enterprise!

Halloween at the MangoBaaz office #halloween #lahore #startuplife #saturday

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7. Your parents, family and even some of your friends have no idea what you’re doing.

But your family is happy as long as you’re going to an office. Baccha office toh ja raha hai.

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8. Sometimes even you may question what exactly it is that you do.

But that’s the beauty of getting to create something unique and out of the box.

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9. You’re not always working on the same boring desk in a colorless/lifeless office.

Ever get to the office and already feel low in spirits because you know exactly what the rest of the day is going to be like? Sit in a cubicle and can’t stand it anymore?

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10. You actually get to learn new things.

Being at a startup, you’re expected to play different roles at different times. And so, you’re constantly learning new ideas and topics that can help grow your startup at a rocket pace.

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11. Free Food!

Somehow, this seems to be a common thing among startups across the globe (not that it’s a bad thing). But it doesn’t just stop with food – there’s also limitless amounts of chai involved!

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12. You’re not discouraged from using social media on the job.

In some Pakistani offices, the admin blocks your social media access. In some places, they block your complete internet access. Not the case at startups. In fact, to keep updated with the going ons around the world, you must consume ALL the media. #winning

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13. You actually get to utilize all the latest technologies.

Your startup is part of the early adopters of cool new technology, utility apps and all sorts of crazy developments. Why? Because that’s how the “new” world works. Although, chances are that most people in Pakistan won’t even know about that new cool app you’re using (for example: Slack).

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14. Sexism is strongly discouraged.

Yes ladies, this is true. #breakingbarriers

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15. People around you are diverse, unique and great personalities to be around

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16. You’re not just a number

People appreciate your contribution and not just your boss. But your boss’s boss. So basically the entire company.

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17. You’re always thinking of ways how NOT to turn into a corporate working culture.

And that’s why working at a startup will always be better than a corporate job where you have to show your face, wear formal attire and pretend like you’re doing something valuable.

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