Here's How These Strong Pakistani Women Are Responding To Men Who Beat Them

By Sarmad Amer | 3 Nov, 2015

It’s almost 2016 and even in this day and age there are those who think women are better suited to the confines of the four walls of a closed room and treated only as vessels for childbearing or to show how macho you are. But all praises to the women in Pakistan who take on these misogynists and reclaim their rightful place in the society.

One such incident occurred in Karachi over the last several hours when Islami Jamiat Talaba affiliated students in Karachi University beat up four female students who were doing something absolutely shameful for a woman….

Playing cricket *cue loud gasps*

CricketVia: Twitter


So in response to this inhuman and definitely very unmanly act of beating up women by the Jamiat students, supporters of the girls and generally sane people protested against such oppressive, orthodox mindset.

Within minutes, people from all over Karachi and the rest of Pakistan showed their support for the women of Karachi University, in particular, and Pakistani women, in general.

People decided to school the men on where they come from


Some felt this was nothing different from what Shiv Sena is doing to Pakistanis in India


In defiance, women started playing cricket on the streets

CSzC1J0WsAAzuGJVia: Twitter

With supportive men accompanying them and protesters chanting anti-oppression slogans

CS0Jz_OW4AEisp8Via: Twitter

Supportive men showed the women that they are not alone

Even politicians decided to raise their voice against such atrocity


But best of all…

Women called out the imbeciles and fought back






And unequivocally


This person did raise a very pertinent question though


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