12 Pakistanis and Their Favorite Things

By Sarmad Amer | 22 Aug, 2015

Pakistanis come from various walks of life. Here is a list of some Pakistanis we have all seen and their favorite things.

1. The Police Wallah

Favorite thing: The chittar.

they love to bring into use on the sad little bums of petty criminals and those under giraftari.

chachapolice Source: imgflip


2. The Molvi

Favorite thing: Free food.

From the devoted upright neighborhood folk who feel they have been absolved of their sin by making the offerings to someone who barely reads anything other than text he doesn’t always know the meaning of.

biryani Source: imgflip


3. The Neighborhood Uncles

Favorite thing: One-liners and zingers.

They have them ready for everything that is bad with our society and how chaste the times were when they were young.

Source: Tumblr


4. The Politician

Favorite thing: Ability to fake passion.

They fight like they are on WWE during every single TV talk show they appear in. A close second favorite is the extensive repertoire of lies that they use at any chance they get to speak publicly.

Source: imgflip


5. Ammi

Favorite thing: Her children.

But sometimes it feels like her favorite thing is the naseehat that she gives out at every chance she gets but her kambakht children never listen.

Source: Memebad


6. The Gorrnament Afser

Favorite thing: the *ahem*rishvat*ahem*

People have to give them rishvat in order to lube the stagnant machinery of the bureaucracy of this country.

Source: Tumblr


7. The Boss

Favorite thing: Bullying their subordinates.

Their staunch belief in ‘if I’m under pressure for my failings, it’s my subordinates that need to pay’ is what keeps them pumping all through the week.

Source: Tumblr


8. The Majnoo

Favorite thing: Bachi.

Any bachi. Preferably one without many male relatives… oh look, that one smiled in your direction bhai, she’s definitely tunn on you!

Source: Giphy


9. The Dual National

Favorite thing: The “Phoran” passport.

Always finding ways to slip this fun fact about them into any conversation.

Source: Giphy


10. The Bike Rider

Favorite thing: Road rage.

They think that the barri garri wallah’s sole purpose is to treat them like Grand Theft Auto victims that they have to drive over in order to amass more points.

Source: Giphy


11. The Cricketer

Favorite thing: Disappointing the nation.

Especially when the expectations and stakes (read: bet amounts) are high.

Source: Bleacher Report


12. The Pakistani

Favorite thing: Pakistan.

Wherever they are in the world, if they have any connection to Pakistani culture they will own their desi-pun any chance they get. Especially if there are Indian people around.

Source: keepcalmomatic


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