15 Things That Rock A Pakistani Girl's World

By Sana Ahmed | 23 Aug, 2015

An enigmatic creature shrouded in layers of social dynamics, glamour, food galore and drama, this is a little insight into who we know as a Pakistani girl.


1. SALE!!!

Source: tumblr

There is nothing in this world that a ‘50% off’ can’t sort out in a girl’s world!


2. Getting all the aunties’ approving eye.

Source: Globalmag

No matter how notorious the “aunties” of our culture are, Desi girls always gets a kick out of winning their approval.


3. When the tailor lives up to the expectations that were never associated with him.

Source: tumbr

The tailor handing over the dress on time that fits perfectly the first time is pretty much always too good to be true!


4. Finally getting dirt on the hawt girl she secretly envies.

Source: Tumblr

When a girl finally gets the deeds, after days and days of obsessing over a girl (who she secretly thinks is hotter than her), she can finally put a reason to hating her.


5. When a beauty product actually makes her skin look fairer!

Source: CollegeHumor


6. Warding off the rishta of phuppi ka beta.

Source: Reactiongifs

Every girl has had to deal with the traumatic experience of being asked to marry her phupi’s loser son. Who wants a Pindi boy with a unibrow as their soul mate?!


7. Nailing the mehndi dance battle against the larkay walay.

Source: WordPress

All eyes on her, this is when Pakistani girls get to live their moment of fame! Nothing beats receiving compliments from aunties on grace and flexibility, and driving the boys ‘cray cray’ with them thumkas!


8. The exhilarating feeling after a waxing session.

Source: Tumblr

This is truly a mission accomplished but so worth it!


9. Staring down a random freak in the market during a face-off of guts.

Source: Giphy

This is an important feat for any Pakistani girl: it is empowering and badass!


10. Unless he is an 8 or above, in which case it is a compliment to a girl’s beauty.

Source: Myniceprofile


11. Spending a day with no one telling her what to do with her life.

Source: Tumblr

“Bus ub shadi kerlo”, “Family start kerlo”, Bus ub ghar ke kaam main interest leina shuru kerdo!” are all examples of hurled advices Pakistani girls have to dodge on a daily basis.


12. A day out with the girlfrands!

Source: Giphy

This usually involves intensely bargained shopping, unnecessary giggling, poondi, random flirting, fighting off unwanted attention and gol gappay.


13. Talking about the forbidden!

Source: Giphy

Yes this means sex, boyfriends, crude gossip, profanities and all that is ‘haram’!


14. And last but most certainly never the least, Shahrukh Khan!

Source: Ndtv

Girls never miss a Shahrukh Khan movie and will fight tooth and nail for his honor.


15. Or mayble Fawad Khan

Source: Buzzfeed
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