13 Reasons Why A Lot Of Guys In Lahore Are Single

13 Reasons Why A Lot Of Guys In Lahore Are Single

Lahore is a city that has plenty of things in abundance, one of them being single men. It’s odd though, because Lahore is known for having some of the most attractive women in Pakistan. So what is the cause of this phenomenon that troubles so many jawaaans? It’s time we told the truth about why men in Lahore are single.


1. The girl who went to LGS.

She probably went to 1-A-1 or Defense and is well equipped in how to stand out in public. She probably has a refined English accent that has taken a lot of practice to sound the way it does. She excepts you to be from a top notch school, have a high paying job or have a lot of your daddy’s money, have a charming personality and the looks of a Lannister prince. You think she’s out of your league.

Source: Tumblr

Status : Undateable


2. The Angraiz.

She spent some time living abroad or was born there. As a result, she thinks it’s necessary to speak English all the time, especially so that people understand how ‘cultured’ she is. You probably need a dictionary to understand some of her texts.


Status : Undateable


3. The intellectual.

She has a fancy degree from a fancy university (probably IVY league). Her knowledge skills will impress you to the point where you want to keep your opinions to yourself. She has a whole book shelf of books she’s actually read while the last book you read was either Harry Potter or an assigned reading in college. You are infatuated with her but you’re too worried wondering if she thinks you’re dumb.

Source: Tumblr

Status : Undateable


4. Girl with a pretty face and a Teri Mehrbani effect.

Lahori girls are known for being pretty, and she’s proof of that. But when she opens her mouth to start talking, oh boy oh boy do you wish she hadn’t. You try to get past it but you’re no jedi.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Status : Undateable


5. The rishta.

She’s from a good family and has a decent education. Her brothers and sisters are already married and now it’s her turn. She believes in love after marriage and will wait up late for him before eating dinner. Oh and look, she’s a fan of the Twilight Saga.

Source: Express Tribune

Status : Bored to death


6. Selfie queen.

She keeps her phone in her hand at all times so that she’s ready to take a picture. She has a new Snapchat story every day, mostly with basic Snapchats of her doing basic shit. She posts a pouting selfie on Instagram before going out and then one with her BFFs later because #lovethesegirls. She frequently deletes pictures because 10 minutes later, she realizes she doesn’t look good. You sit there watching her take selfies and wonder when you’ll have a conversation.

Source: Gossip Ticket

Status : Undateable


7. Expensive tastes waali.

She likes eating out and buying expensive shit because it suits her good looks. But she can’t necessarily afford her own lifestyle. That’s why she knows how to work you. She’ll want you around all the time which will end up isolating you from your friends. 

Source: stylee.pk

Status: Toxic


8. The Chiniotee.

She’s not related to you in any way so, game over.

Source: friendsmania

Verdict: Undateable


9. The feminist.

Her intentions are noble but her methods not so much. She’s always waiting for someone to say something slightly sexist so she can start a debate. She’s always wired and ready to lay down some facts about why men are assholes. You support the feminist cause but think she needs a chill pill.

Source: Tumblr

Verdict: Undateable


10. The artisan.

She’s a bit of a rebel, fashionable in her own way and not too concerned with what people think about her. But that doesn’t mean she won’t judge other people and their backward ways. She probably smokes both cigarettes and pot, and will cuss you out if you get on her nerves.

Source: Tumblr

Status: Your bro


11. The fashion designer.

She’s probably working for a fashion brand while designing her own stuff on the side and can sometimes be seen in Sunday Magazine. Her biggest clash is also her more successful feminine male designer best friend. Her life is all about experimenting with fashion and judging what other people are wearing. Don’t be surprised when she tells you what to wear.

Source: Pak Destiny

Status: Can’t keep up with the fashion.


12. The NGO worker.

She’s the noble girl who’s working towards poverty alleviation. She likes to talk about the problems of the poor and throw a gazillion stats at your face, while enjoying a fancy meal at one of Lahore’s finest. At the end of the meal, you’ll probably end up feeling guilty for having a nice meal (or a comfortable life for that matter).

Source: Global Mag

Status: Undateable


13. You.

You’re a laid back modern day Lahori with a nominal income who spends a lot of time using Facebook and are glad YouTube is finally open. You like the idea of working out and make it to the gym sometimes. You go with the flow, watch the occasional TV show, might read a book here and there, love mangoes and eating out. And if a girl turns you down, you automatically assume she’s stuck up.

Source: Tumblr

Verdict: Undateable

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