11 Things That Only Happen When You're a Financially Independent Woman in Pakistan

By Warda Baig | 14 Oct, 2015

Being a young financially independent girl in Pakistan is quite possibly the awesome-est level of awesome you can achieve and here’s why.


1. You don’t have to keep others’ opinions in perspective.

For instance, your father’s or your husband’s. Whichever is applicable. Gone are the days when your buying behavior would be dictated by others. The rule is simple: You don’t pay, you don’t say.

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2. Online shopping.

So PayPal isn’t available in Pakistan and Amazon doesn’t ship here. Who cares? Ali Express ZINDABAD! Do you feel eerily lost in the aisles of clothing stores you used to love only a year back? Do you feel constantly uneasy about not having more options to select from? Do you finally realize the local stores stocking Next and Zara are actually charging double the original price? If your answer to all the above is yes, that means you’ve bitten the forbidden fruit of online shopping. You know you’ve tasted the highest degree of euphoria after having to unbox parcels every few weeks. It’s like a gift to me, from me.

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3. You credit card is your best friend.

As soon as you start making even 10 rupees and get a Credit/Debit Card, you know the world is in your hands. That shiny card is your pass to the world of shameless spending and you don’t regret it one bit.

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4. The Savings Plan

Just because you’re 24 and earning obviously doesn’t mean you don’t have retirement plans. Thorough misconception. The day you got your first paycheck (albeit in 4 digits), you opened up a savings account. You save up and plan big. You aspire to invest in stocks, mutual funds, real estate and secure your future even though your savings usually last a span of 30 days tops but hey! Nothing wrong in dreaming a little.

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5. Splurging on utterly bizarre sh*t.

You know how your mother wouldn’t ever let you spend on things you’ll probably never use in a lifetime, like glow-in-the-dark-paint? Well guess what, no better occasion to reiterate and rephrase the Golden Rule: You don’t remunerate, you don’t investigate.

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6. Presents for Amma Abba.

But no matter how stingy aka kanjoos makhi-choos your parents were regarding your wasteful binging, getting presents for them from your first salary, is honestly the happiest you’ll ever be. Seeing them smile and probably thinking to themselves how you aren’t entirely useless after all is a fabulous feeling.

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7. Becoming eligible for giving out Eidi to kids.

This isn’t exactly a perk but well, you gotta take the good with the bad.

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8. Qurbani time.

Now that you have a decent amount of moolah in your savings account, you are eligible to chop a bakra or two as well. This might not be great news for some since Eid-e-Qurban does not only signify the spirit of sacrifice but also the spirit of fancy clothes and brand new pairs of shoes for women, expenses the male populace don’t really have to worry about.

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9. Sponsoring vacations.

Haven’t you always wanted to visit Greece? or Bora Bora? Morocco? Or anywhere out of your hometown for that matter? But your parents’ constant reminders about your aukaat and your relationship status (which on a scale of single to married is non-existent) never failed to kill your plans.
“Beta shadi k baad chali jana.”

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10. Discovering the underlying principle of life: We don’t eat to live, rather we live to eat.

You know the greatest most satisfying investment you can make with your hard-earned dough is G.O.O.D F.O.O.D. So what if this investment eventually finds its way in your large intestine? The prelude is well worth it all.

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11. Being broke yet happy.

You know that at the end of the day even when you’re dirt poor, you’ll always have all your shopping to hold close and cherish. Because hitting rock bottom kind of blows but it doesn’t hurt half as bad if you have to go on a starvation diet walking around in your heels 😉

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Are you a financially independent woman? Share your stories in the comments below.

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