Zara Noor Abbas And Ahmed Ali Akbar Are Absolutely Hilarious In These New Telenor Ads

By MangoBaaz Studio | 3 Oct, 2020

Telenor insists on giving customers more se zyada!

Zara Noor Abbas and Ahmed Ali Akbar have teamed up as the stars for Telenor’s latest line of advertisements and honestly, the duo is hilarious together!

From Zara’s sassiness to Ahmed Ali’s hilarious antics, no one else could have been a better fit for the Telenor campaign.

All of the ads for the campaign are comedic in nature and a lighthearted take on relationships.

Jab Telenor 4G per miley MORE Se Zyada coverage tou signals se bhaagna muskil he nahi, impossible hai! 😎Lagay raho bina tension with Telenor4G! #TelenorMORESeZyada

Gepostet von Telenor Pakistan am Dienstag, 29. September 2020

We see the comedic banter between both Zara and Ahmed which is honestly a treat to watch. In one of the ads, Ahmed Ali is panicked and rushes to the elevator just to go up and down for a while and then rushes out and tries to reach a far off place. Why? Just to get out of the signal range so he can avoid Zara’s call as he forgot her birthday. Of course, because of Telenor’s wide range, he is unable to do so and finally has to face the music.

The comedic value in the ad is not to be missed. Telenor found a way to be hilarious but also reiterate the purpose of the ad; great coverage and amazing service by the network for its customers.

The ad is ambitious as well. Shot in varying locations, it ends up at a beautiful looking field filled with windmills to show just how far from the city Ahmed has strayed to avoid networks.

Jab Telenor 4G per miley MORE Se Zyada talk time aur voice calls tou baatein khatam ho jaingi par balance nahi! 😀Telenor 4G kay saath lagay raho bina tension #TelenorMORESeZyada

Gepostet von Telenor Pakistan am Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2020

Another installment of the ad, has Ahmed giving seemingly unsolicited advice to everyone; from his parents, to a comment, to a dog, and more. In the end, we find out he’s been on a call all along because Telenor provides the best rates for calls and more.

Honestly, you need to watch the ad yourself to see what I am talking about! We finally have advertisements which are both funny and effective; the point comes across crystal clear…much like the cellphone reception one would expect to get on Telenor after watching these ads!

Karo apni entertainment ki cravings ko satisfy 24/7 with MORE Se Zyada data on Telenor 4G 😜Tou lagay raho bina tension! #TelenorMORESeZyada

Gepostet von Telenor Pakistan am Mittwoch, 30. September 2020

In this day and age, it is very important to stay connected, which the ad shows us as well, and to do so you kinda need a reliable network that gives you the best rates and services as well as great ads!

Cover Image Source: Telenor Pakistan via

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