Zaid Ali Just Spoke Up Against The Motorway Incident And The Demand For Public Hangings

By Anoosha Rehan | 14 Sep, 2020

Zaid Ali T raised his voice against the motorway incident

The tragic motorway incident has spread a wave of terror and rage among the masses. People are coming together in solidarity over the heinous crime and the ridiculous statement offered by CCPO, Lahore. The recent protests all over the country are raising awareness and voicing concerns of women who feel utterly unsafe and unheard in this patriarchal society. They are coming together to point out how deeply embedded the issues are and how problematic behavior has been “normalized” in our country.

As this horrific incident has awakened even those who have been sleeping for long, renowned YouTuber, Zaid Ali T has also come forward to express his grievances regarding the harrowing incident.


YouTuber Zaid Ali T took it to his channel to express his utmost despair regarding the appalling motorway incident

Without beating about the bush, Zaid called out the justice system of Pakistan for victim blaming the innocent. He then began to question how will the justice system justify the women who are raped in broad daylight, those who are raped in their homes and those who are raped in burqas.

Source: @ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube


He pointed out that no one including minor children, elderly woman, transgenders, animals and dead people are safe in this country

He helplessly questioned as to when will we start saying that rape shouldn’t have happened no matter WHAT instead of justifying rape with vague and illogical justifications.

Source: @ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube


Zaid Ali T revealed his happiness over people protesting against the motorway incident and pointed out that the rapists should be burnt alive

The YouTuber mentioned that if it were in his hands, he would’ve ordered to burn the rapists. “Even hanging these people is too less of a punishment for them,” conveyed Zaid. However, he said that this is a very short-term solution and that we should look for a long-term solution which lies in changing the mindset of people towards such incidents. Zaid Ali T believed that the only time a society can change is when they decide to change themselves; and, the time is now.

Source: @ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube


He also amplified the idea that women have been saying for so long about raising boys and girls in the same manner

Zaid mentioned that the problem lies in our deep-rooted mentality where we raise our sons and daughters differently. We allow our sons to go out without a question whereas ask our daughters to stay home, he pointed out. Zaid further asked the listeners to think of a household where they know a woman is being abused. He was affirmative that everyone would be able to think of at least one such household because of how common this practice has become in our society.

Source: @ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube

Zaid spoke about how the mentality of “boys can get away with whatever they do” should be changed and men should be held accountable instead of telling women to bear all the abuse and injustice because divorce isn’t an option for them. Zaid highlighted that when boys at home see the women being mistreated and abused, they psychologically come to believe that this is how every woman should be treated.


Until we get rid of the gutter mentality, no change can come in the nation, believed Zaid

While speaking about how men needed to change, he added that it is very easy to blame government than to take any accountability. He elucidated that for in order to change the mentality and the dynamics of the society, the nation and the government need to stand side by side. Through an example, Zaid explained that unless we throw the garbage in the bins installed by the government, we cannot hope for change. The government has done its part by installing the garbage bins; change can only be brought if we decide to throw trash into those bins. “The change needs to happen with the government, not by the government,” stated Zaid.

Source: @ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube


Zaid further added how children should be educated about such matters in order to bring change in the society for once and for all

Zaid revealed how he had a lot of faith in this generation and mentioned that children should be educated about such issues. If the parents are not comfortable in speaking with their children, such education should be instilled in the school curriculum. He also shared how it was essentially vital to teach children that every person in this world deserves respect. He begged the listeners to spread awareness about the injustice in their own capacity, be it a tweet or a Facebook post; but, staying silent is an option that they do not have.

Source: @ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube

The mentality to justify rape needs to go, he said.

Source: @ZaidAliT Vlogs / YouTube

As everyone comes forward to express their distress on this barbaric incident, it becomes even more known why raising your voice against this injustice is so important. It might be a drop in the ocean, but every drop counts and our time is now.


You can watch the entire clip here:


Cover image via: @ZaidAliT Vlogs via YouTube

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