People Are Highlighting Disgusting Meme Groups That Add To Rape Culture And It's Very Disturbing

By Maryam Khalid | 13 Sep, 2020

Rape culture in Pakistan is perpetuated with these memes


TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT. People are calling out this Facebook group for promoting rape culture

The sad and disturbing incident of a woman getting gang-raped at the Lahore Motorway has shaken the entire nation. And that wasn’t the end. We had 4 more rape cases in a span of two days. There is a countrywide movement going on to hang the rapists publically to make them a lesson for anyone who even thinks to commit such a heinous crime. But the problem is far widespread and deep-rooted.

People are pointing out a Facebook group involved in making problematic memes thereby perpetuating rape culture in Pakistan

The group named ”Lumber One Dark Portion V2” has about 1.6k members and posts memes on rapes, abuse, harassment, and pedophilia. Most of them are young boys and they try to get away with it by labeling it as ”dark humor.”

The Facebook group is all about normalizing and trivializing rapes, harassment, and every awful deed under the sun. Women in Pakistan are yelping for laws and punishments, for safety and respect. And here we are finding out that all of the misogyny has started at a much younger level. Imagine the horror, when you find out that teenagers are making such sexually derogatory memes. That’s how rape culture is getting promoted. That’s why rapes are ever-increasing.

Pakistani film-maker Jami was horrified to find out this group and demanded immediate arrests

He shared a screen recording on his Twitter that showed all the terrible memes.

People are sick to their stomach after seeing this vile humor that adds to rape culture within small groups

They are demanding to nip this evil in the bud before it harms society

Comedian Shehzad Ghias Shaikh also shed light on the growing incel culture in Pakistan and the importance to end these hate crimes

There's a growing incel culture in Pakistan, it is dangerous, and will inevitably lead to violence.Unfortunately in…

Gepostet von Shehzad Ghias Shaikh am Samstag, 12. September 2020

This is how the ”boys will be boys” ideology makes them entitled to become sexist, misogynistic, and oppressive. From a closed university dank group to this widespread hate speech, I don’t know where are we heading to. This is not even freedom of speech or ”dark humor” as one might say. It is immoral, indecent, and should be reported immediately.

So, suggesting public hanging will not solve the problem. It will end the criminal but not the crime. We actually need a more aggressive approach to counter this. Even if the change is going to happen in the next 100 years, we have to start teaching our boys now.

Till now, the Facebook group has been shut down. But it is still not the solution until we address the issue at the grass-root level.


Guys At LUMS Are Being Called Out By Female Students For This Disgustingly Sexist Closed Group

Cover image via DNA India/ Facebook

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