41 Of The Most Powerful Signs From The March Against The Motorway Incident

By Maryam Khalid | 13 Sep, 2020

Women all over the country gathered to express their outrage through these signs on the motorway incident.

Ever since the horrible motorway incident, Pakistani women are questioning the safety of the country they live in. Even the authorities are involved in insensitive victim-blaming, instead of providing justice. We are scared, we are angry and we want our public spaces to be safe. So, Aurat March called a nationwide protest to raise voice against rape culture and patriarchal violence.

Here we have picked up some of the most powerful posters that you absolutely have to see:

1. The protest raised very valid questions on the victim-blaming culture

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

2. Some of the signs at the motorway incident protest asked where would these disgusting men stop at?

3. And that’s the only way to end rapes

4. People with signs at the motorway incident asked where are the authorities when we need them?

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

5. The responsibility of your izzat does not lie on the shoulders of women.

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

6. We cannot move forward if we don’t teach men the same way we teach women, according to these signs at the motorway incident

7. Educating our sons is the only way to stop rape culture from rising in the first place

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

8. Some signs at the motorway incident protest asked for schools to stop eliminating the reproduction chapter, that’s what you are breeding

9. These men are the reasons women aren’t allowed to work and travel freely, asked other signs at the motorway incident protest

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

10. A lot of signs at the motorway incident protest highlighted what we wear is not a statement of our consent

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

11. It wasn’t the time, the road, or clothes.

12. This little cutie stood up for his mum and melted our hearts with his signs at the motorway incident protest. Here’s to raising feminist sons

13. This one had me in fits. A new road sign maybe?

14. Aurat hi kyoon?

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

15. People demanded the dismissal of CCPO Lahore who blamed the woman on getting raped

16. ”Raat 12:30 nahi nikalna chahye tha.”

17. ”G.T Road se jana chahye tha”

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

18. Everyone had enough of the CCPO’s toxic comments

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

19. Apnay mashwarey apny paas rakhein, shukriya.

Source: @AuratAzadiMarch/ Twitter

20. Our Police need this definitely

Source: @AuratAzadiMarch/ Twitter

21. Hold rape apologists accountable.

22. Well…

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

23. Instead…

Source: @manalkhan07/ Twitter

24. Hurts, doesn’t it?

Source: @idherkyunayeho/ Twitter

25. Not all Men. But all Women

26. When will all this end for good?

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

27. Louder for people at the back

28. Kudos to all the male allies

Source: @sfizashah/ Twitter

29. Let’s end this together

Source: @Syyeda14/ Twitter

30. End patriarchy

Source: @AnamRathore/ Twitter

31. Victim-blaming only proves your incompetency. Just stop it.

Source: @sfizashah/ Twitter

32. We need solid actions instead of useless wordplay

33. For those advocating for the public hanging of rapists


35. Keep it in your pants


37. Can’t decide whether to laugh or cry

38. Pakistani men are really closer to crossing that line

39. Hope we have a secure future for them someday

40. Stronger than ever

Source: @idherkyunayeho/ Twitter

41. This one wrote a beautiful message for the motorway victim and I am in tears

It was so empowering to see women from all walks of life gathering to channelize their outrage. So, even if you weren’t there, you still can see some of the most important signs from the protest. Comment down below to tell us what your favorite poster was. Meanwhile, let’s hope for a positive change for the women in Pakistan.


People Are Shocked At The CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh For Being Dheet And Continuing His Victim Blaming Despite Being Slammed For It


Cover image via @AuratAzadiMarch/ @maryamful/ @Mahahahaham via Twitter

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