Guys At LUMS Are Being Called Out By Female Students For This Disgustingly Sexist Closed Group

By Ramsha Bhatti | 6 Apr, 2019

An all-boys closed group has managed to stir some shit up on social media for the content it produced and encouraged.

The male population of LUMS is under fire on Twitter after a closed group by the name of “Dankpuna at LUMS”, with some questionable and downright misogynistic content, was brought to the public eye by some girls who were able to make their way into the group. The material being circulated within the premises of the group was what angered many on social media, including those who had previously been associated with the institution.

The members of the group consisted of over 600+ men, a huge majority of whom were either current or former students of the university.

Needless to say many have been offended by this act

We live in a post-Aurat March 2019 Pakistan, where efforts were made to silence women raising their voices against injustices in various capacities. Since then, we’ve seen headlines where women have been killed over not serving warm food, or as a result of honor killing, or have had their heads shaved for not dancing in front of their husband’s friends. These are just three instances that we’ve read about recently. The commonality – these acts stem from a horrifying sense of misogyny and patriarchal oppression.

When this mindset is challenged, we begin to take a step in the right direction. However, when any part of our society propels this mindset forward, it is always a grim reminder of the extent to which this toxicity has seeped into our society. These male students – creating and sharing AWFUL memes that were hard to even look at as a woman – add to the prevalent toxic mindset.

Once the closed group was infiltrated, screenshots were shared on the LUMS Discussion Forum which resulted in the page being shut down promptly. 

Group members were found to have been making sexist and sexually derogatory memes about female students at LUMS, and those who were active on the LUMS Discussion Forum, for fun. The material being circulated and produced in the group was directed only and only towards women and included a lot of name calling and slut-shaming.

Exhibit A:

source: Facebook

Awful. Classic victim-blaming. Just…terrible.

Exhibit B:

source: Facebook

Calling women whores and an online forum a brothel – why? How is this funny?

A lot of this hate and “humor” has been targeted towards feminists within the campus, along with male feminists or allies as well who have been mocked and shamed for believing and supporting the cause.

Exhibit C:

Source: Facebook

This “locker room talk,” as Donald Trump once called it, further perpetuates existing tropes that are highly dangerous for women. Objectification, blatant abuse and the normalization and trivialization of harassment – none of this is okay, yet it was carried out within this closed group.

However, people are leaving no stone unturned to put an end to this and are naming the people who are playing an active part in supporting the group!

Source: Facebook

People have now taken to Twitter to express their feelings about the matter and to rant about these men and how they’re giving everyone a bad name.

People are raging over the matter and the men in question.

Even guys are now seconding the phrase “men are trash” and…I mean, you can “not all men” this, but khudi dekhlo

What’s worse is that this isn’t the first time male students at LUMS have targetted the female population. 

Ajeeb mazaak hai wese.

Shockingly, in this entire ordeal, men who have been affiliated with the page, have taken a defensive step and have lashed out against the exposition. 

Source: Facebook


The age-old “BuT nOt AlL mEn” narrative was put forward.

Source: Facebook


But people aren’t buying it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how men find sexism, misogyny, and patriarchy to be sources of fun and enjoyment, while women have to live with them and their associated plight. And let’s not turn a blind eye to this plight. All of us experience it at some level. And if we’re privileged enough not to, we need only look around to see the women around us.


However, we must ask – at the end of the day, is naming the associated people sufficient? 

It boils down to how this is a very real issue – prevalent not only within the confines of this one institute but also within the country as a whole. The mindset exposed here is a microcosm for an existing state of thinking for countless people. This creates an unsafe environment for women (and also the men being targeted) – ironically, through the usage of an alleged “safe space.”

Not being a fan of feminism is one thing, but going out of the way to make horrible jokes and belittle women is an entirely different case altogether. It must be harrowing for the female student body to experience this as it unfolds. However, serious action needs to be taken by the university administration’s end to ensure that they are providing a safe academic environment for their students, where equality and respect for everyone prevails.

This does beget the question – where do we go from here? What happens after we’ve named and shamed these students? Will any action be taken? Does it undo any damage? Does it offer any sense of security at all? Share your opinions in the comments below.


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