Here Are All The Pakistani Celebrities Speaking Up About The Motorway Incident & Demanding Justice For Women

By Noor | 11 Sep, 2020

Pakistani celebrities are voicing their concerns over the motorway incident

The whole country is taken aback by the motorway incident. The words of the CCPO Lahore have exposed typical Pakistani male mindset on such issues and served as fuel to the fire. To express their anger, the rightfully infuriated people across the country flooded the social media platforms with their comments on the matter. Among were the celebrities who voiced their opinions to condemn this brutal act of rape. Here’s what they had to say.

Among the celebrities to speak up about motorway incident is the Tamgha e Imtiaz winner Mehwish Hayat who questioned the safety conditions that women of this country have to live with


Another among Pakistani celebrities speaking on the Motorway incident is Yasir Hussain who posted a series of comments on his Instagram to make sure that the victim gets justice

He mentioned that publicly hanging the culprits is the only solution to stop the rapists.

Source: @yasir.hussain131/Instagram
Source: @yasir.hussain131/Instagram
Source: @yasir.hussain131/Instagram


Humayun Saeed expressed his thoughts via a tweet which mentioned that the actor was shocked and distressed 


YouTuber Zaid Ali T urged the public to raise their voice against the rape culture that has now engulfed our society


Mansha Pasha expressed her opinion by arguing that rapists along with the people who blame the victim are the real ‘culprits’

She further emphasized how important it is for the officials to fulfill their duties and for the general public to highlight the issue.


Some Pakistani celebrities voicing their concerns for motorway incident also spoke with bloodlust, like Feroze Khan who demanded a public execution


Asim Azhar also tweeted out a note demanding for capital punishment


Ushna Shah was also among Pakistani celebrities who talked about the motorway incident and the rape in general by urging the judiciary and all the relevant authorities to ensure that the law was respected and implemented


Mawra Hocane highlighted the incident and requested the authorities to consider public hanging as an option


Shaniera Akram, was also one of the Pakistani celebrities speaking on the motorway incident, she expressed how heartbroken was she because of the incident, she focused on the fact that change was much-needed


Faysal Qureshi talked about the severity of the situation and explained that only publicly hanging the culprit would be able to resolve the issue now


One of the most sane Pakistani celebrities who spoke on the motorway incident was Osman Khalid Butt, he stated that serious steps need to be taken to protect the women of our country

He further talked about how capital punishment/blood lust isn’t the solution to the problem, it will only kill the rapist but the problem would not end. He explained that the system needs to be fixed.

Rape culture stems from, among other things, the sheer audacity of men who continue to force themselves upon their female counterparts and subject them to violence. In order to ensure that incidents like these do not occur in the future, it is important to address the misogyny that is deeply embedded in the social fabric by educating the masses.


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