Zaid Ali Just Shared A Beautiful Message For His Wife & Everyone's Loving His Dua

By Sarmad Amer | 11 Jan, 2019

Zaid Ali T and his wife Yumnah share he most loving relationship. Ever since he introduced her to the world we’ve been witness to the immense love, respect and insane fun this twosome has been having in their relationship.


Yumnah and Zaid have been called relationship goals ever since their beautiful wedding

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They support each other through the loving highs of their lives

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As well as through tough times

Like the time when Yumnah stepped in for her husband when he got into an online fight with Reham Khan

Source: ZaidAliT Vlogs


Or when Zaid became the backbone for his wife when she opened up about being bullied for her skin color

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Just a few hours ago, Zaid just posted the most beautiful message upon their one year anniversary and his dua for having Yumnah has his wife also in the hereafter

The beautiful message states, “This is Yumnah Shahid. We have been married for more than a year and she is the backbone of our relationship. Throughout our marriage, she has been extremely patient with me and shaped me into the man I am today. Even to this day, I don’t understand what I did to deserve a life partner like her in my life. Marriage is not a bed of roses nor is it a fairy tale, it has a lot of ups and downs, but with her, I feel at peace. Throughout my life, my dua to Allah will be to ask for you twice, once in this life, and inshAllah, once in Jannah. Together forever 💞”


Everyone’s loving the sentiment 

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And swooning over how these two are couple goals

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Zaid Ali Just Introduced His Wife To The World And They’re Officially Couple Goals


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