Zaid Ali Just Introduced His Wife To The World And They're Officially Couple Goals

By Sarah Babar | 15 Sep, 2017

Zaid Ali is one of the funniest men on desi Internet, right now, and has been for a few years now. While he’s pulled off many, many pranks on us, in the past. We were happiest when the news of his shaadi broke out, people couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but he wasn’t. Everyone wanted to know who Mrs Funny was and there were some very, very weird things that happened.


Zaid bhai (of course, shaadi ke baad he’s bhai) introduced our new  bhaabi and we’re pretty much in love

For a video that’s almost hit a million views in less than 13 hours, it’s clear that people want to grab every shred of knowledge about Zaid and Yumna

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube


The adorable two held a Q&A session with their fans and people who’d sent in questions for them to answered

And the questions were scattered on a spectrum which ranged from cute to just plain weird

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube


There was such cute banter between the two, in the video

Well, if you’re married to Zaid Ali, you’re bound to be the subject of at least ~some~ banter. And Yumna wasn’t spared, either, wife or not. Zaid told his millions of subscribers how she took 3 hours to get ready, how she sheds hair, and bus, yeh donoun bohat cute hain

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube


And also, we low-key kinda melt every time Zaid calls her jaan

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube

Because just…we’re all very sad people who live off of other people being happy and in love

^that’s a joke (and that’s why we need people like Zaid…to tell better jokes)


And ughhh they’re just so adorable together

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube


Ek baat tau sub ko pata hai, desis are the most intrusive people in the world

So naturally, there were questions like: Zaid Bhai, are you and bhaabi cousins?

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube

So they answered some questions we all had

Was it a looovee marriage? How did you two meet? Ammi Abbu ko kese manaya?

They answered all of these pressing questions that we’ve all wanted to know.

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube


Do you want a baby girl or a baby boy?

Source: Zail Ali T Blogs / YouTube

Who wears the dupatta better?

Okay maybe that wasn’t so intrusive, but you get it, right?

You decide.

You can watch the whole video here and just go awwwwww


What do you think of this adorable couple?

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