Zaid Ali Just Posted About Turning 24 But Everyone Is Asking About His REAL Age

By Rameeza Ahmad | 3 Jul, 2019

Looking at the amount of success Zaid Ali has at only 24 makes me feel like a failure.

Every Pakistani almost feels like they have grown up with Zaid Ali. From his cringe comedy days to the new and improved married man making family content. Does the Sham Idrees phadda count as family content?

But anyway, when Zaid Ali got married to Yumna and people started talking about her being older than him I was shocked; I didn’t know Zaid was younger than even I am! Being a married Pakistani man at 22 is rare but considering the amount of success he had amassed by that age, it seems to also make sense.

And even at the time, people didn’t believe that Zaid was 23 and now that he posted about his 24th birthday finally rolling around, people are still not convinced.

While a few fans wished him a happy birthday.

Most of the replies to his tweet were those who didn’t quite believe him…


I mean the tweets doubting his age were endless. And honestly… ouch. I mean I get the skepticism but what would Zaid Ali gain out of lying about his age? We know that according to outdated social norms, women are reluctant to reveal their actual age but I have never seen men have the same issue? Especially men in the limelight. In any case, they don’t go out of their way to celebrate a fake birthday.

And considering the whole scandal around how Zaid’s wife was older than him, it would have been made much easier had he been the same age or even older than her. What would Zaid gain from lying about his age?

Maybe some people cannot stomach the fact that Zaid Ali had the kind of success from such a young age. We have been seeing him on social media for years; he started out when he was just 16 so of course, it seems like he has been in the limelight forever.

And that’s probably what is confusing a lot of people.

Imagine telling people your age and them not believing you. At all. Do you think Zaid Ali is lying about his age? Let us know in the comments below.


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