Furqan Shayk Just Came Out Of Hiding To Diss Zaid Ali But He’s Getting Trolled Back For Being Irrelevant

By Biya Haq | 25 Jan, 2019

Lol, well this is entertaining. 

So let’s start with how this whole thing started, shall we?

As usual, Sham and Froggy were up to their bullshit pranks again and decided to put out a video titled, ‘I want a baby prank.”

Source: Sham Idrees Vlogs

In this dumbass video, Froggy tries to prank Sham by making him believe that she wants a baby asap. He tells her she’s acting crazy and the rest of the few torturess minutes entail them laughing at how ‘crazy’ the whole thing was. Honestly, whoever said marriage matures people must have been on something because these two seem like their cringe powers have combined to form an ultimate cringe.

Anyway, the video had enough nonsense to piss off a lot of people, including many of Sham’s own fans.

And also pissed off one other YouTuber, Zaid Ali.

Zaid’s comment sparked up a whole new level of hate and things got pretty intense down in the feed with other prominent YouTubers like Ducky Bhai to appear on the scene.

However, one person no one was expecting, came out of the dark shadows of YouTube’s past to say something on the matter but unfortunately, shifted the attention on to himself. Yup,

Furqan Shayk commented on Zaid’s comment in a pretty passive-aggressive way in efforts to what looked like a diss towards Zaid.

But, instead of being a fire comeback like Shayk may have anticipated, he was instead pretty much deemed irrelevant by people almost immediately.

Like, immediately.

Instead of talking about the whole Sham fiasco or even commenting on Zaid’s post, everyone began to discuss Shayk and how legit no one knew who he was.


So though this whole YouTube mania with YouTubers like Sham, Zaid and Shayk still exist in complete non-harmony, at least it’s plenty of entertainment to keep us at bay.

Have you seen the video? The comments? Furqaan Shayk? Lol, let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

Zaid Ali T And Ducky Bhai Are Pissed Off At Sham And Froggy For Their Pathetic New Prank Video

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Cover photo source: Times of Youth/Zaid Ali Via Twitter

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