Zaid Ali T And Ducky Bhai Are Pissed Off At Sham And Froggy For Their Pathetic New Prank Video

By Maliha Khan | 21 Jan, 2019

Zaid Ali T is not coming slow at the not-so-tiny-youtubers


So it’s the new year and we are all busy working out, eating healthy, making that dough, and then there’s the infamous Shroggy duo planning their next scheme (they call them pranks) to get views.


Sham and Froggy have come out with some really questionable pranks in the past.

Like the “I was seeing other people” prank and literally everything they’ve done, lol.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS / YouTube

These distasteful pranks come every now and then, but recently we’ve been seeing a lot more than most of us would like. Don’t get me wrong, I love a prank video just as much as the next person, lekin jab saaf saaf nazar ata hai ke prank nakli hai, maza hi kharab ho jata hai.


Their latest prank video has pissed a lot of people, especially their fellow YouTuber Zaid Ali T

Zaid is not holding back on his criticism of the video. He also kind of lashes out at the audience for preferring a certain kind of content because he does say that there are so many other content creators who different kind of work but the audience watches the same stuff, so it’s not just the fault of the creators.

The fact that Shroggy’s  prank is trending is not sitting well with Zaid, because he knows the talent Pakistani creators have. Other creators do not get the views and exposure, because of videos like these take away the spotlight. Preach, Zaid, preach.


Let me give you a quick breakdown on the prank video that has pissed off Zaid

In the video, Froggy explains to the viewers what her plan is and what her predictions are of Sham’s reaction. Froggy starts off the prank by telling a story about a cousin that was near and dear to her heart, who passed away before she could experience things in life like having a baby (not really sure if this is true or part of the prank, hopefully not).

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS / YouTube


Froggy then tells Sham she wants a baby and she wants one NOW 🙄

His reaction is to try and talk some sense into her because their rukhsati hasn’t taken place yet. Her rebuttal is that they are Islamic married and that no one should have an issue with it. She then proceeds by stuffing a sweater or some sort of top into her shirt to make it look like a pregnant stomach. Ummm.. Was that the best she could do to persuade him? He just laughed and asked her what she had to eat, because she was acting pagal.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS / YouTube

Upon several minutes of emotional blackmail, Sham agrees to have a baby. The rest of the video is just Froggy laughing and both of them looking stupid, because it was a ghatiya video and an even worse prank.

Now that you know what the video was about, I’m sure you all agree with Zaid’s comment.


Zaid isn’t the only one that found the video a waste of time.


People were hating on the two, left and right


Ducky Bhai even had a few things to chime into the conversation


Some predicted this so-called prank before it even came out


You got that right


I’m living for this reference


Absurd is an appropriate word to use


All in all, people appreciated the fact that Zaid was brave enough to point it out and shine a light on when is enough

What do you think about this new prank Shroggy released and are your thoughts similar to Zaid’s?



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