Zaid Ali T Is Trolling Sham Idrees And LMAO, Iss Ne Bhi Nahi Chora?

By Biya Haq | 16 Jul, 2018

We all know the Pakistani YouTuber community is pretty hilarious. When you’re bored, there’s nothing better than binging a number of Mooroo, MangoBaaz (Hehe) or Osman Khalid Butt videos.

However, that being said, the Pakistani YouTuber community is also PRETTY petty.

Source: MangoBaaz


Source: MangoBaaz

Case in point, lmao.

And while we all may be pretty aware of the Sham Idress/Froggy – Ducky Bhai feud, it seems as if there are other angry undertones between Sham and another YouTuber.

Zaid Ali T just dissed Sham Idrees on Twitter and shit is ABOUT TO GO DOWN.

Hope you’re hungry because it’s BEEF TIME.

Source: Wolper Pictures Via Giphy

Though the diss was hilarious, lol, we couldn’t help but be surprised. Unlike Ducky and Sham, Zaid and Sham have never, to our knowledge, had an issue with each other.

But friends, this doesn’t look like a friendship to us. ~

And we’re not the only ones who have noticed.

Many of Zaid’s fans couldn’t help but agree and were pretty savage in their way of showing it.

Pretty savage, lolsy.

At this point, we’re getting more entertainment from the YouTubers personal lives than their actual videos.

Source: Kevin S. Bright/David Crane/Marta Kauffman Via Giphy

No complaints here!

Have you guys seen the tweet? What do you think about what they had to say? Is Zaid right? Do you think they’re already married? Let us know in the comments below! Love you.

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Cover photo source: Twitter

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