YouTuber James Charles Literally Became The Sham Idrees Of The Beauty Community And I Can't Handle The Similarities

By Rameeza Ahmad | 25 May, 2019

It’s almost as if YouTubers all over the world were sharing the same script.Β 

We are all well aware of the Sham Idrees vs Ducky Bhai feud. All Pakistani YouTubers save one; Shahmeer Abbas took Ducky Bhai’s side. Everyone vilified Sham Idrees; once Ducky Bhai declared war by making an “exposed” video on him, everyone followed suit and chimed in with their own ill-experiences with Sham Idrees.

source: Ducky Bhai/Sham Idrees Vlogs Via Youtube

Ducky Bhai pulled out all the stops; he included screenshots from conversations and call recordings.

He made sure he included all the evidence on his side so that people could see the ‘true’ face of Sham Idrees and it worked. He turned A LOT of people against Sham Idrees, especially other YouTubers.

And just a week or two ago, something similar happened within the American beauty YouTube community. Tati Westbrook who runs a beauty YouTube channel uploaded a 43-minute long video where she talked about her former friend James Charles.

In the video, she says she didn’t want to do this (just like Ducky Bhai says he didn’t want to either) but felt like she had no choice but to call out James Charlies publicly by making a YouTube video so she could warn others. Exactly the narrative Ducky was following.

Source: Perez Hilton

She accuses James of hurting her, using her friendship for his own benefit and also alleges that he is a predator who preys on straight men. All of these accusations lead to James Charles losing around 3 million subscribers. He made an apology video for Tati the very next day after she uploaded her accusatory video.

But it had no effect. People mocked his apology for being insincere. Just like no one accepted Sham Idrees’ apology since they thought he hadn’t accepted his mistakes but was only apologizing to save face.

James received death threats and disconcerting amounts of hate on social media. Other YouTubers, and even celebrities he was chill with, started to unfollow him on social media as a sign of them distancing themselves from him.

Then a few more people jumped in on the bandwagon. Other YouTubers who had issues with James took this as an opportunity to make videos and tweets against him. Most notably, Jeffree Star involved himself. He clearly took Tati’s side. And following suit, so did Shane Dawson who, tweeted about siding with Tati through all of this.

This happened in Sham Idrees vs Ducky bhai as well since Rahim Pardesi, Mooroo, Irfan Junejo, Zaid Ali, Shahveer Jafry and almost every other major Pakistani YouTuber took Ducky’s side and made their support public knowledge in some way or the other.

source: Bollywood Reviews FIJI Via YouTube

And on the other side of the world, similarly, all major YouTubers in the game sided with Tati Westbrook and James Charles was ostracized.Β 

And Tati’s star rose almost immediately; from her 5 million subscribers she gained 10 million within the span of a week! Her name was in every publication and her video was trending everywhere as well.

Sounds familiar right? James Charles essentially became the Sham Idrees of the YouTube beauty community. And like Ducky Bhai, Tati benefited quite a bit from her exposed video by gaining millions of followers and views.

And of course, a lot of people thought that both these incidents were stirred up for drama and subscribers.

And people had had enough of this incessant drama.

But a lot of people seemed to have been enjoying it too.

After being ‘exposed’ by everyone, James Charles quietly suffered through all of the accusations and humiliation until he had time to get his bearings together. He then made his own 41-minute video where he explained the entire situation and tried to show that he was not the liar or predator Tati had painted him out to be.

And this was quite similar to what Sham Idrees had done; waited till the right moment where he made a 22-minute video exposing all the YouTubers who had come after him and his wife Froggy. He had receipts to evidently back up his claims.

Source: Sham Idrees VLOGS Via YouTube

Tati uploaded another video talking about how she had no idea her video would have such a big impact and so many people would start to hate James and send him threats afterward. And similarly, in our part of the world, once Froggy was allegedly punched in the face, all those who were previously against them condemned the attack and said it was in no way acceptable. Similarly, Jeffree Star also apologized for his actions and said that moving on, he would handle everything privately.

In the end, there was no resolution as such in both cases. However, a lot of YouTubers did decide not to engage in this mess publicly any further. But it’s very interesting to see how many similarities are to be found in both these cases.

Do you think both these instances are eerily similar? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cover Image Source: James Charlies Official/Sham Idrees Vlogs via

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