Ducky Bhai And Other Pakistani YouTubers Are Now Responding To Froggy’s Incident In Karachi

By Biya Haq | 6 May, 2019

Whether you like Froggy or not, the use of violence is not okay.

In Sham and Froggy’s most recent meet-up, Froggy was physically assaulted.

Source: Queen Froggy via

During their stay in Pakistan, Sham and Froggy have been touring the country, making stops in all the major cities to greet just a few of their millions of followers.

However, at their latest meet and greet at Ocean Mall in Karachi, Froggy was physically assaulted by an individual who referred to himself as a Ducky fan. She was punched in the face as others continued to chant pro-Ducky slogans. Because of this, naturally, it seems that Froggy is blaming Ducky for his fans’ behaviour.

Since then, Froggy made a video on her channel, asking people to join her cause to fight for #JusticeForFroggy.

To somehow bring awareness to the worth of women in our society and condemning violence against them.

Source: Queen Froggy via

The Pakistani Canadian YouTuber spoke against the physical assault and made it a point to highlight the fact that her rights and role as a woman in society and especially in Pakistan, made this instance even harder to deal with. In the video, she condemned the use of violence as well as Ducky’s fans and followers to have such an attitude.

We’re not really sure what to make of the video just yet but we can agree that the use of violence here is absolutely terrible. At the end of the day, Sham and Froggy are just content creators and their videos are only meant to entertain.

Since the attack took place, Pakistani YouTubers have been condemning Froggy’s attacker all over social media with one of the first to comment being Ducky himself.

Ducky Bhai, whose alleged fan was the one to assault Froggy in the first place, said:

Many have been criticizing Ducky, given that his fans were the one to aggravate Sham and Froggy not only once, but on two occasions during their time in Pakistan in so far.

Ducky also posted an Insta story on the incident, expressing his disappointment in the situation and in the people who used physical abuse to get ahead.

Source: duckybhai Via Instagram

Apart from Ducky, everyone from Mooroo and Awesamo to Zaid Ali have been stepping forward with words against the attacker and condemning the fact that someone had actually physically assaulted Froggy.

Mooroo, one of Pakistans’ biggest YouTubers even came out with his take on the situation as well.

Raza Samo of Awesamo Speaks even went on his own Instagram story to set the record straight himself.

Raza had created videos on Sham Idrees prior to the meetup and after the assault occurred, removed the content and apologized to Sham for having any role in eliciting hate towards him which could have led to the actual attack.

Source: @awesamospeaks Via YouTube

He made it a point to speak up on the fact that violence is not the answer and like many of his fellow YouTubers, clearly expressed disgust and disappointment towards the behaviour of the mob at the event.

Yes, many of us may argue that this is Pakistan and that this kind of behaviour happens however the fact that people are stepping up and speaking against this kind of hate is a step in the right direction. If Pakistani YouTubers use their influence in this way to spread a positive message, perhaps we can hope for some kind of change in public decency and at the very least, knowing to not use violence for literally no fucking reason.

Have you seen the conversation? What do you think of the attack in Karachi? Let us know in the comments below. Love you.

Froggy Got Punched In The Face At Her Meet Up In Karachi And This Is Getting Out Of Hand Now

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Cover photo source: duckybhai Via Instagram/Source: Queen Froggy via

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