Yasir Hussain Just Threw Major Shade At Mahira Khan And Ye Bhai Baaz Nahi Atay

By Sarmad Amer | 29 Jun, 2019

Yasir Hussain is going after Mahira Khan now?

Yasir Hussain is an actor who’s either very gutsy or very stupid. He rarely has a filter on and it has become quite a bit of a habit for him to get into trouble for all the things that he says about other people.


Everyone’s well aware of his epic drama Yasir caused by shaming Hania Aamir for her acne

After Hania called him out for it, Yasir went on the offensive against other people being ‘too sensitive’ or doing the call outs for ‘attention’, rather than realizing that maybe his very public personality doesn’t allow him as much freedom to be as offensive as he may be in a private capacity.

Source: @yasir.hussain131 / Instagram


Khair, he seems to be stuck in a pattern of making statements without really thinking because he just threw major shade at Mahira Khan

On his Instagram stories, Yasir has been asking fans to throw questions at him. He has answered a plethora of questions, like about when he’s getting married to about his comments about all the other celebrities. When asked to pick between ‘Iqra or Mahira’, he not only picked Iqra he also went on to say that he would pick Mahira “agar woh acting seekh lein“.

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Interestingly, back when Hania was shamed by Yasir, Mahira Khan had spoken up in her support so maybe… just maybe… we might hear a certain Ms. Amir speaking up for her fellow actor, Mahira.


Naturally, his shade has spread like wildfire on social media


Of course, this has landed him in trouble with the fans where people are calling him out for thinking too highly of himself

Via: Instagram


Others are defending Mahira and saying she’s much too classy to respond to such a low blow by Yasir

Via: Instagram


It’s obvious he’s thrown shade at the wrong person because Mahira’s fandom is coming for him

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Some people are even calling these irreverent statements that he gives publicity stunts from Yasir

Waise itni consistency ke saath controversy banana lagta pre-planned hee hai.

Via: Instagram


Here’s hoping that Yasir can learn that given his very public standing, he has influence. Whatever he says affects a large number of people and he can’t expect to be as reckless as he usually may be when he wasn’t a public figure.


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