After His Joke About Hania Aamir, People Are Calling Out Yasir Hussain For Always Making Shockingly Insensitive Comments

By Iman Zia | 14 May, 2019

Last month, Yasir Hussain posted an image of himself dressed up as a transgender for his next role in an Eid telefilm. When an Instagram user asked him why an actual transgender wasn’t offered the role instead, Yasir crudely responded with “matlab aap ko job chahiye?” His answer received tremendous backlash online, with the general consensus that if he’s playing a transgender, then how on earth can he still be transphobic?


This wasn’t the first time Yasir was the kernel of controversy; after the Saboor Aly fiasco whereby she mocked the labor class, Yasir came to her defense.


If we rewind a little further, at the Hum Awards two years ago, the actor joked about Ahsan Khan winning an award for his role as a child rapist on ‘Udaari.’ 

He said “itna khubsoorat child molester, kaash mein bhi bacha hota.”


In another unfolding, Yasir once again said something very problematic in response to fellow actor Hania Aamir’s post about her ongoing struggle with acne.

Hania took to Instagram to discuss the distorted image of beauty in Pakistan and admitted to having struggled with acne for years. She coupled her essay with two side profiles of her skin to dispell rumors that celebrities don’t suffer from breakouts.

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


During a Q & A session on Instagram, Yasir was asked to give one word to describe Hania, to which he responded “daanedar.”

Source: @yasir.hussain131/Instagram


Hania responded to this by acknowledging how sad it was that people like Yasir chose to inflate insecurities by mocking them.

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


The actress’s response received an overwhelming amount of support online, with many fed up of Yasir and his problematic statements.

Following his comment, the actor began trending on Twitter, seizing the number one spot until this morning where he fell to third place.

Source: Twitter





With many agreeing that his antics had him canceled a long time ago.



A few compared his behavior to Saboor Aly’s, whereby a celebrity’s way out was blaming someone else and not accepting their mistake.


Jokes at the cost of someone suffering from anxiety, depression and a lack of self-confidence aren’t jokes – rather they’re belittling and demeaning methods to accentuate one’s insecurities and heighten all sense of unease and loneliness. Yasir’s incessant need to mock serious subjects and pass flimsy comments on them is unacceptable and frankly pathetic. His uncomfortable pattern of making such problematic statements has long been his biggest downfall.


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