Mahira Khan Just Spoke Up In Support Of Hania Aamir After She Was Trolled For Sharing Her Skin Troubles

By UA | 14 May, 2019

Mahira Khan supporting Hania Aamir is the kind of support we all need 


Recently Hania Amir courageously opened up about her struggle with acne

Hania took to Instagram with a bare-faced post revealing her imperfections and acne, in attempts of breaking the unrealistic societal beauty standards that we face in today’s community.

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram

Where she got a lot of praise for being vulnerable to the public at large about her skin condition, her ‘dostYasir Hussain made a joke that did not sit well with Hania. Out of all the words he could have used to describe her, he chose ‘danedaar’, representing a sick need to reduce people to their insecurities even after being well aware of the toll they can take on us. After a public exchange of remarks where Hania called him out on making problematic jokes, he seemed to give no s**ts and continued to be obnoxious.


Fortunately, most of Hania’s friends and colleagues came forward praising her bravery for sharing her very personal struggle with acne

It is famous people like Hania who serve as role models to us regular folks, especially impressionable children. Someone of Hania’s caliber owning her acne is going to be such a confidence booster for an impressionable young mind who might have been bullied for theirs.

Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


Source: @haniaheheofficial/Instagram


But because she was trolled for her acne by some people Hania issued a statement


Of course, our queen Mahira Khan was not having none of it with the trolling

With regard to Hania’s post calling out people’s problematic behavior, here’s what Mahira had to say:

Bullying with regards to appearance and impossible-to-attain body standards is one of the most crucial problems that we need to address as a society in order to advance towards a healthier future. If individuals like Hania are faced by the behavior Yasir has endorsed every time they come forth to tackle such social issues, the problem will not only persist but also grow.

It is so so important to stay kind and stick together in today’s world. And come on folks, what do you get from being unkind to someone?


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