Sanam Jung Recently Became The Target Of Body Shaming And Honestly, It's Just NOT OKAY

By Sajeer Shaikh | 11 Jul, 2017

Do you recall that feeling when you go to a party, you’re super conscious about how you look and then somebody comes up to you and says, “Yaar, wazan barh gaya hai tumhara.”  We’ve all been there. It’s annoying, unasked for and makes you feel a whole lot worse. Sanam Jung had to deal with just that.

While many of us may experience body shaming in some form over the course of our lives, celebrities are subjected to it a lot more than anyone else.  Probably due to their constant presence in the limelight.

Sanam Jung recently became one such victim of body shaming. 

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A picture of Sanam Jung went up on a Pakistani page recently, where she looked gorgeous in a beautiful pink outfit.

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However, the internet trolls went in on her and started body shaming her at the drop of a hat.

Some mentioned how she should hit the gym

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page/

Others made pointless jokes at her expense

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Many tasteless comments were passed about her weight

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Some people highlighted how she would only be able to play the role of a mother in dramas, moving forward

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Certain individuals considered her a “big no”

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And couldn’t get past her weight at all

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They (wrongly) believed that she would no longer be able to star as a heroine

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And the harsh comments didn’t seem to want to stop flowing in

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Fortunately, some people had the sense to jump in and take a stand against the internet trolls who were going all in after Sanam Jung. They swooped in with their counter-arguments.

Some were absolutely sickened by the negative comments

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While some asked the critics to perhaps do some girebaan main jhaankna

Source: All Pakistan Drama Page/

And finally, some pointed out how the habit of body shaming has become deeply lodged in the framework of our society

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It’s extremely unfortunate that Sanam Jung became a victim of body shaming, especially in times when promoting body positivity is more imperative than ever before. Our collective mindset promotes the idea of tearing people down and passing judgments, to elevate our self-importance in our own eyes. The need for comments like these to be highlighted stems from the fact that we need a mirror held to our true selves to perhaps make us see where we’re wrong. Perhaps, by seeing how ridiculous and hurtful such comments are, we will, one day, stop passing such judgments altogether.

What is your take on the matter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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