How This Karachi Guy Helped A Handicapped Cat Walk Again With A Genius Innovation

By Ather Ahmed | 11 Jul, 2017

We often come across stray dogs and cats that might not be having the best of day. Like a cat meowing continuously to search for  her lost babies. A dog howling out of hunger. A lot of times these animals are suffering from grave injuries that might be deadly. Most of us usually walk pass whenever we come across stray animals in such a state without giving any heed. I mean you have enough of your own shit to worry about so no ones judging. Some might feel sympathetic for a while then walk on about their business. Well at least you felt bad about it.

However only a few actually do something to help out. And Ahmad here is one such gem.


Ahmad who hails from Karachi, saw a stray cat in trouble and made it a point to help the animal

Source: Ahmad Rehan


The cat had lost complete leg function after motorcycle ran over her

Source: Ahmad Rehan


Watching the cat in this state Ahmad’s first thought was to give her some food

Source: Ahmad Rehan


Ahmad along with his buddies made a makeshift wheel chair for the cat out of a toy car. The wheels are attached to the cat in a way that allows her to walk again

Source: Ahmad Rehan

When asked on how this unique idea came to Ahmad to help out the cat he simply replied that it was all Allah’s doing. Ahmad went on to add that he respects all life and it came as a responsibility to help the cat out. Bravo Ahmad.


People on Facebook had nothing but praises for Ahmad on the initiative he took

Via AR Wynz/Facebook


You can watch the full video here. If you have any other tales of people helping handicapped animals, please share in the comments

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Posted by AR Wynz on Sonntag, 9. Juli 2017



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