These Are The Most WTF Signs On Rickshaws

These Are The Most WTF Signs On Rickshaws

Rickshaws have been a popular mode of transportation for many Pakistanis for a long time. Over the years, they’ve also been utilized for advertising purposes by some. But nothing beats some of the artwork or messages you can find on a rickshaw. Sometimes you look at it and the only thing you ask is, WTF.

So, here’s a collection of some of the most WTF signs you’d find on rickshaws – do let us know if there’s any you’d like us to add.


Political commentary 101.

After all, we do love our politics in Pakistan don’t we?

Source: Native Pakistan


Hmm, guess not everyone loves the army :/

rickshaw sign army


At least this person isn’t afraid of commitments.

Or copying cheesy lines from Salman Khan for that matter.

Source: Native Pakistan


Uh…not sure where he’s going with this one


Forever alone 🙁

If you’re his Miss, give the guy a call won’t you? He misses you – trust him, he always speaks the truth.

rickshaw miss my miss
Source: Native Pakistan


Love Fo Freeeeee

Although, it gets pretty deep when you read the poem on the right.

Source: Paklinks

Sadly there’s no spell check available when painting on Rickshaws…


Moral police right here.

Because getting your kids married is the solution.

Source: Native Pakistan


A guy can dream…

corolla rickshaw
Source: Only in Pakistan

A guy can dream bigger


rickshaw wall art
Source: Taringa

This one isn’t from Pakistan, but it has a universal lesson.

india rickshaw
Source: Wonderpost


If you spot a WTF sign, be it on a rickshaw, behind a truck, a car bumper or even a on a wall, send it to us.


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