These Are The “Shittiest” People On Facebook You’ll Ever Meet

These Are The “Shittiest” People On Facebook You’ll Ever Meet


 WARNING: Things are about to get TOTALLY SHITTY. Scroll at your own risk 

If you’ve ever wondered what life would be like in a different language you don’t have to look further. These unfortunately named people are here just for that.


So here’s the story of how not give your child a shitty name.



It all starts when you’re not able to “do it” on your own



So you ask for suggestions, and you get them

Han Sung Lee


You get more than the required suggestions

Hag Lee


A little too much, actually

Kha Louda


So you have to tell them to stop

Matt Karo


But they don’t listen

Mutt Marlow


So you get serious

Bus Karo Ab


And then the conversation gets back on track

Tatti Carlo



Tatti Carlo Collage


Basically, this is all you need

And it’s a gift from border ke uss paar too.

Tatti for Dummies


Do you know more unfortunately named people? Send them our way.


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