17 Of The Most Embarrassing Pakistani Childhood Stories

By Haadia Paracha | 28 Jul, 2016

Pakistanis recently recounted some of their most awkward and embarrassing childhood stories. Here are some of their most hilarious responses:


1.The guy who couldn’t handle a bittersweet goodbye:

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“I locked myself in room & attempted suicide with a butter knife because my favorite cousins were leaving. I was 6.”



2. The biggest fangirl in the history of time:

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“Tried slipping on a banana peel after watching Tom & Jerry, ended up getting five stitches on my forehead.”



3. This guy who questioned an auntie’s izzat:

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“Went up to an auntie in the market and said,

‘Auntie aap ney bunyan nahi pehni?”



4. This poor soul who missed his parents wedding:

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“Cried out loud for an hour wen a cousin teased me that he was at my parents wedding but I wasn’t. Had such a heartburn.”



5. This slap master:

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“Tripped mistakenly on a girl and she slapped me. I said, ‘your slap just chills me up’. She slapped again”



6. This guy who flashed the whole class:

Source: Reddit

“Well, I peed in my school pants, the whole class was like, “shame shame” aur meinay josh mein aa ker pant utaar di.”



7.  This girl who just wanted everything to be lavender scented:

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“I really liked my eraser’s smell so in school, I chopped it into pieces and sniffed it, got it stuck in my nostrils.”



And also this one

“Decided to put a motia bud in my nose so that I could smell it forever, it bloomed & I landed in ER .

I was 4!”



8. This young one who has trouble dealing with authority:

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“I peed on the television set because I was mad at my brother for not giving me the remote.”

– Anonymous


9. This lad with the make-shift Nimbus 2000:

Source: Tumblr

“I stood with a broom between my legs asking Harry Potter how to fly this thing”



10. Well, this is sufficiently awkward:

Source: imgur

“When I was kid, I used to take my pockets inside out, open my zip and take my penis out and pretend that’s an elephant”



11. This little person with an inappropriate question:

Source: koimoi

“I asked my watchman with a huge tummy how months pregnant he was?”



12. This lad eyeing the neighbor’s wife:

Source: Deenga

“I asked my newly married neighbor to give me his wife for one day.”



13. This dude who possibly failed biology class a few times:

Source: kleverk

“When I was kid, I thought babies come out from the butt so I always check my poop to make sure there wasn’t a baby.”



14. This child who legit stuck an ice cube up his butt:

Source: buzzfeed

“My cousins dared me to stick an ice cube up my ass which I did. My aunt found out and wore gloves to remove it.”



15. This lady who didn’t actually puke rainbows:

“I once vomited in class and then said, “omg who did this?”,

I actually thought I would get away with it.”



16. This foul mouthed six year old:

Source: drodd

“Said ‘Fuck’ for the first time in my life when the laptop froze in front of my dad and 20 other relatives. I was 6.”



17. And of course…this FML archive:

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Adapted from Osama Ashaqeen’s thread on Twitter.


Cover Image: Criclife

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