Pakistani Guys Are Tweeting Pictures Of Their Nangi Taangein And This Is Why

By Sarmad Amer | 29 Jul, 2016

Some Pakistani guys have a fixation with condemning anything that is anything less than this because our collective ghairat only awakens at the naked limbs of a woman (and never at the murder, rape or sexual harassment of the same women, because, well, they were asking for it).



Ever wondered if the tables were reversed and there were opinions about what was “appropriate” clothing for Pakistani guys to wear?

So did one Adil Qureshi.

The intial reaction to this tweet was rather encouraging, especially from the women-folk.

But then the inevitable happened and men started tweeting to shut Adil up


WARNING: Scrolling any further you will see Pakistani guys like you’ve never seen them before. Responsibility to keep your emaan intact lies with you.


*cues drum rolls*



Guys are now tweeting their scandalous nangi taangein


There are blurry legs


And there are focused ones


There are nangi taangein of ordinary guys


And there are famous one too

Rawalpindi Express giving the double finger with a side of nangi taangein? That’s one for the history books, folks.


Actually, there are a bunch of famous legs

Sorry about that last one.


Where there’s Pakistani guys showing legs, you know there would be hairy ones

And there are a ton of them.


Even some women started pitching in

Those aren’t real hairy woman legs so plis to no panic, okay?


Someone even busted out their Prisma skills


And then things started getting out of hand…

You know when this guy shows up, things are only going south from then on, so brace yourself folks.


The tweets after this are too scandalous to reproduce here. Yes, scandalous even for libtards like MangoBaaz.


And for all those who still don’t get the joke, this guy sums it up

We feel you, bros.


Guys, keep doing what you’re doing, that’s what freedom’s all about. Aur thora larkiyon ko bhi apni marzi se karnay do jo dil karta hai unka.


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