We Asked Pakistanis What TV Shows They're Binging On During Lockdown & These Are The Most Popular Answers

By Noor | 2 Apr, 2020

What TV shows are you watching in lockdown?

As we all have entered into the quarantine ‘era’, a lot of people are spending the time by binge-watching their favorite TV shows. So, we thought why not find out what the most popular TV shows are that all of you are binging on. Well, here we have come up with the list which covers some ah-mazing shows that you all have fallen in love with.


So, we asked folks on Instagram about their favorite TV shows to binge watch while we’re all stuck in lockdown, thanks to the coronavirus

TV shows lockdown question
Source: @mangobaaz/Instagram


17. Before we get into the TV shows for lockdown that you chose, here’s a shoutout to the most popular answer

Bro kya binge-watch karein board exams ki tension hai”

Source: Dharma Productions


Anyway, moving on..


16. Elite

tv shows lockdown elite
Source: Zeta Producciones


15. The Big Bang Theory

tv shows lockdown tbbt
Source: Chuck Lorre Productions


14. While it’s not one of the TV shows for lockdown a lot of people also said they’re binging on Ludo Star

No doubt that it’s another national source of entertainment these days. After first appearing on the scene back in 2017, the app quickly became an obsession. After it was removed from Google Play for allegedly spying on its users, there came a new version pretty quickly and all’s been well since then.

Source: ludostar.com


13. Diriliş: Ertuğrul

The Turkish version of Game of Thrones, this show is based on the life of the father of Osman I who was the founder of the Ottoman Empire of which Turkey was the hub. This show’s sequel Kuruluş: Osman is currently airing.

TV Shows lockdown ertugrul
Source: Tekden Films


12. Suits

This is the show that gave us another princess to obsess over, Meghan Markle. This show has been an obsession for Pakistanis for a while now and it’s not just because of the suave Harvey Spector or the smart Mike Ross, the whole sexy lawyer life is definitely going to keep you engrossed.

TV shows lockdown suits
Source: Untitled Korsh Company


11. Cooking Chaos

Again, not a TV show exactly but this one was another favorite. This YouTube show features Yasser Puri and Abdul Rehman Malik urf AR where they try to learn how to cook different things. With being stuck at home during lockdown it would be pretty cool if you try to learn alongside these boys.


10. Stranger Things

TV shows lockdown stranger things
Source: 21 Laps Entertainment


9. You

TV shows lockdown you
Source: Berlanti Productions /Alloy Entertainment /Studios Warner /Horizon Television /Man Sewing Dinosaur


8. Dolly Ki Ayegi Baarat

This show sparked multiple sequels and launched the shaadi obsession among Pakistani TV channels that still continues to this day. Come for the shaadi prep drama stay for the amazing comedy, especially by Saima Chaudhry from Faisalabad.

Source: Evernew productions


7. Peaky Blinders

TV shows peaky blinders
Source: BBC Studios /Caryn Mandabach Productions /Tiger Aspect Productions /Screen Yorkshire


6. Mere Paas Tum Ho

TV shows mere paas tum ho
Source: Six Sigma Plus


5. Brooklyn 99

TV shows lockdown BK99
Source: Fremulon Dr. Goor Productions/3 Arts Entertainment/ Universal Television


4. Big Boss: Apna Ghar

This again isn’t an actual TV show lol. This is just how everyone’s home has turned into a Bigg Boss house because of being locked inside their homes with a bunch of people.

Source: SOL India


3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Could it even be a list without this one?

tv shows lockdown friends
Source:  Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions/Warner Bros, Television


2. Ghar kay jhagray

More Bigg Boss style drama that people are binging on at their own homes lol. Don’t forget to get popcorn while you’re watching your siblings fight with each other.

Source: Endemol India


1. Money Heist

Of course, this is possibly the most popular TV show among Pakistanis right now.

tv shows lockdown money heist
Source: Vancouver Media Atresmedia


What are some of your favorite TV shows to binge on during lockdown? Let us know in the comments below.



Cover image via: Tekden Films / Vancouver Media Atresmedia

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