Whatever Happened To Pakistan's Favorite App, Ludo Star?

By Kashaf | 24 Jan, 2018

Pakistani’s have had their fair share of addictive games. From Pokemon GO to fidget spinners to Candy Crush, many sources of entertainment have come and go.

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Ludo Star took Pakistan by storm last year and people were completely obsessed with the game.

I’m sure you remember staying up all summer challenging your friends to a friendly game of Ludo.

**ahh good times**

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You probably got a million Facebook invites to the game, wasted hours playing it, found the love of your life on it, and then like most internet fads – you eventually got bored of it.

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Well, some people are still consumed with the highly addictive game and probably will be forever.

For the last couple of days, people all over the world have been complaining that they are facing issues with the app. Some have said that the game appears to be taken down from app stores.

There are many imposters, but the real Ludo Star app is nowhere to be found.


People have also complained that the app has been deleted from play stores.

Not only Pakistanis but people living in the UK are also facing this issue

People have been praying that the app starts working again

People are already starting to imagine their lives without the app

Well to solve the global cry, we reached out to the co-founder of Ludo Star, Afsar Ahmed, and he told us that the app is still available through the app store, but it is currently not on Google Play. It will be back on Google Play soon, and Android users can download the app from their website.

*Cries in relief*

So everyone, relax, it’ll be back soon.

Image result for take a chill pill gif


Is the app working for you? Let us know!

cover image source: Shoman Productions/Ludostar.com

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