The Whole World Is Now Expressing Disgust At This Pakistani Journalist's Outrageous Remarks About Zainab's Rape

By Alveena Jadoon | 24 Jan, 2018

Last night Fasih Ahmed, the editor of Newsweek Pakistan, jolted Twitter with his jokes about the Zainab rape case. And Twitter did not take them well.


The series of tweets he did were followed by a huge backlash from the audience and rightly so


This backlash has spilled over, beyond Pakistan, now

Hollywood celebrities, international journalists, activists and media personnel have also picked up the unusual tweets and expressed their disgust.


Actress Alyssa Milano was one of the Hollywood celebrities who called out Newsweek

This development has laid bare the discussion that organizations are responsible for opinions of the people associated with them.


He was also called a disgrace


And they pointed out how rape is not a matter of joke

Indeed, we, initially were mistakenly of the opinion that he may be trying to make these disgusting remarks as a form of “satire”.  And we apologize for our readers thinking that we were trying to defend the man’s opinions on sexual abuse.


This shows how quickly the topic of sexual abuse is relevant all over the world, given recent sexual abuse discussions in Hollywood

People are commenting on the tweets of these Hollywood celebrities to express their disgust.


And the international backlash has also prompted a response from Newsweek who have declared that they’re evaluating their relationship with Newsweek Pakistan

The backlash indeed proves that the situation is indeed getting darker and is going to have repercussions. People are finally genuinely speaking up about an issue that they feel strongly about and think that it needs to be eradicated from the society. And this is not just limited to Pakistani audiences but these words have had an impact. Such issues prove that people from around the globe are ready to join forces on issues that effect humanity on a day to day basis.


There are contrary views in certain circles of Pakistan on the matter with some defending the man

While some are saying that it was an attempt at sarcasm, others believe that he went a little too far and crossed a line by making a joke out of such a sensitive issue.


Of course, people have different perspectives and tend to look at situations differently but this is what we feel

The aftermath of the situation should have prompted Fasih Ahmed to issue an apology for his tweets because that was an ill-timed remark. Clearly his expression has outraged a lot of people and a sensible thing to do in the matter would be to own up to his mistake.


It has not always been the case that the people of the country join forces to discuss such matters and when they do, it means that they feel strongly about it. That should be respected and encouraged. Yes, everyone is aware of this denialism that exists in the country and the tendency to forget matters for another news, but at this point what matters is that everyone is together in this. And we as individuals need to gauge on which side do we stand; those speaking up or those mocking those who are finally speaking up?


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