Pakistanis Are Brutally Trolling Sharmeen Obaid For Her Tweets About Facing Harassment

By Alveena Jadoon | 27 Oct, 2017

Oscar winner, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, has landed herself in yet another controversy. This time around, people are showering the usual hate streak on her for pointing out a harassment case.


On October 23, Sharmeen tweeted about her sister’s experience with a doctor at Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi

She narrated that her sister went to AKU emergency the night before. The doctor who treated her then tried to add her on Facebook. And this infuriates her because she believes people do not understand boundaries.


She also pointed out that it is unethical for doctors to use the personal information of their patients and add them on Facebook.


Sharmeen then pledged to report the doctor because harassment has to stop. She also claimed that the doctor messed with the wrong women in the wrong family.


As soon as she tweeted this, tweets started pouring in – challenging her definition of harassment


Some criticized her for defaming Pakistan


People were digging her consensual photos standing with men to point out that her argument about feeling harassed is somehow wrong


Earlier today, it was reported that the doctor who was alleged to have harassed Sharmeen’s sister lost his job


Sharmeen reported the harassment her sister faced and people are pissed that the doctor lost his job because of her


Of course, Ansar Abassi could not refrain himself from commenting on the matter


In an attempt to counter these trolls, Sharmeen tweeted this


While you may agree or disagree with her definition of harassment, the fact that everyone blatantly rejects the idea of accommodating her idea of speaking up is problematic. It sends out a very strong message to women, who might want to stand up to the harassment they faced and call out those who violated their space. To snub them like, will project the idea that there is no space for women speaking out. And even if they do, their claim will always be more scrutinized than a man’s.

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