Why Are These Pakistani Designers And Models All In Paris And Why Aren't We Invited?

By Iman Zia | 24 Jan, 2018

Something very, very interesting has been brewing abroad. Pakistani model of the moment Sadaf Kanwal is gloriously gallivanting across Europe and is currently in a city seeping in archaism, romance and a dapple of elegance; Paris. The model has been immersed in a wanderlust-esque few weeks, with fellow gal pals Alyezeh Galbol, Fia Khan and designers Ali Xeeshan, HSY and Deepak Perwani.


Pakistani designers Ali Xeeshan and Deepak Perwani represented Pakistan at Berlin earlier in the week for fashion show ‘Otto Macht Mode’


Models Alyzeh Gabol, Sadaf Kanwal and Fia Khan took the quaint German capital by storm, representing Pakistani fashion at the Official Ambassador’s Dinner


After Berlin, the next stop was Paris, with models Sadaf and Ayeza brimming their Instagram stories with serious #travelgoals

Source: @AlyzehGabol/Instagram


And what’s Paris without a photo session in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower?

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


From paris with Love ?

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HSY too is chiming in on all the fun as he stays at the elegant Hôtel Costes

Paris. #hsy

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Well, they’ve all been invited to attend the prestigious ‘Paris Couture Week’ and honestly, we’re getting a case of FOMO


Everyone’s been having the time of their lives, like HSY who is entirely in his forte as he explores the fashion capital


And having a taste of fashion in it’s most exquisite and tasteful form

Bravo Rami!

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Off-duty models Sadaf and Alyezeh are immersing themselves in French culture, as they gorge on delicious food…

P.s I Luv Paris ♥️..!! #paris

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Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


And clink French drinks together under a moonlit Parisian sky

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram



Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


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