Let's Take A Moment To Appreciate Sadaf Kanwal And Her Insane Eyebrows

By Kashaf | 5 Nov, 2017

People often say that your eyebrows can make or break your face. They can dictate your expressions, make you look younger or older, and can frame your face to make your features pop. Speaking of eyebrows,  we’re obsessed with Sadaf Kanwal’s. The young starlet has worked her way to the top of the fashion industry over the past few years:


Her eyebrow game is no joke.

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


The supermodel’s bushy brows have spawned thousands of copycats and convinced Pakistani women to ditch their tweezers.

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


Sadaf Kanwal has inspired all of us to fill out our brows and define our arches in hopes that we will get something similar to her fleek AF brows.

Gone are the days of razor thin eyebrows plucked to the brim.

via Pinterest


Even without makeup they just look so darn perfect.

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


Her dark, bold brows compliment her caramel hair and sculpted nose.

Eid Mubarakkkkkkkk❤️❤️❤️… #lovemyfollowers ?

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So profound. So perfect.

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


Sadaf what are you doing to achieve these eyebrows? PLEASE TELL US.

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


Even when she’s crying…her brows are on point

Source: @sadafkanwal/Instagram


I’m sorry Sadaf are you belly dancing? Because we can’t seem to take our eyes off of your perfect eyebrows.

Source: Excellency Films

Not only is she a gorgeous model, but an amazing actress as well. Her jaw-dropping performances in “Balu Mahi” and “Kaif o Suroor” oozed confidence. She has a beyond gorgeous face, but her eyebrows are on another level.


So Sadaf…. basically what we wanted to say is, we’re obsessed with your brows.


Cover image via: dawn.com

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