We Asked Pakistanis What Gives Them “Seedhi Saadi Khushi” And We're Crying Happy Tears

By MangoBaaz Studio | 25 Sep, 2019

Life is becoming increasingly fast-paced day by day. We’re all just rushing through everything, be it work or just those casual hangouts. Amidst all the rush, we all need to take a moment where we stop and think about what’s happening around us. Appreciate the present rather than just worrying about the future.

So, we asked people to share their Seedhi Saadi Khushi with us and got some really admirable responses.

And honestly, the answers were kinda simple yet heartwarming – just like watching the sun set at the end of a long, tiring day. 

It reminds you of how beautiful life truly is, and how blessed you are to experience it all one day at a time!

Spending time with your bae.

Sharing a garam chai ki piyali while you both reconnect over a Netflix show or play a board game. Anything activity based is always an instant recharge, your very own #SeedhiSaadiKhushi

Karachi waalon ki sabsay bari seedhi saadi khushi? The beach. 

Just you, and the sound of the waves, the seagulls and that Karachi afternoon sun shining on you. Those are the kind of moments when you just want time to pause so you could bask in the serenity of it all!

But honestly, nothing tops this: Resting your head in ammi’s lap and FINALLY get a wink after a super long, tiring day. Incomparable!

Doston seh barh ke aur kyaa khushi housakti hai yaar?


Staring endlessly at the shimmering night sky is just the most magical experience ever, and you just don’t get tired of it even if you stargaze every single night!

There are so many other heartwarming things that just remind us of how beautiful this life is, and how there’s happiness in all of the simple and tiny things that we often fail to notice and appreciate. From taking out your Sooper from your chai at the right time before it breaks off, or just taking a stroll in the park – all of these #SeedhiSaadiKhushiyaan makes our lives worth living.

What’s your Seedhi Saadi Khushi? Let us know in the comments!

This post has been sponsored by Peek Freans Sooper.

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