29 Life-Changing Video Games Everyone in Pakistan Has Played

By Mariam Saeed Khan | 6 Oct, 2015

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the global video game market was worth around 56 billion dollars in 2010. PwC predicts that video games will be the fastest-growing form of media over the next few years, with sales rising to 82 billion dollars by 2015.

In Pakistan, too, video games are a sensation. In fact, since 2005, World Cyber Games Pakistan chapter has been conducting a gaming competition that provides winners the chance to compete the best of the world. And video gaming is not just a “little boys’ sport” anymore. According to the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) about 49 percent of video game players are female.

So here’s a look at some of the interesting, “time wastage”(in the words of our moms) video games everyone in Pakistan, has played:

1. Super Mario Brothers


Source: IGN

How many of you remember playing this game endlessly and making Mario jump over those evil turtles?


2. Contra


3. Call of Duty

call of duty wikipedia

Source: Source: IGN

4. Medal Of Honor

medal-of-honor-2005 european assault

Source: Moby Games

I, for one, was never able to complete the missions. My team usually died halfway during the war zone times 🙁


5. Counter Strike

counter strike

Source: IGN

Still addictive.

6. The Lion King


Source: Games Database

Windows 98 and using CDs to install games like this was our world, back then.


7. Prince of Persia

prince1 of persia

Source: Games Database

Before Jake Gyllenhaal made it mainstream we all spent countless hours perfecting the jump.



8. Duck Hunt

Source: Mob

The fun of this game was with that point and shoot controller! But we all secretly loved shooting down those ducks too. 😛


9. Pitfall Adventures


Source: Games Database

This was a special niche game, only the true hardcore gamers were into.

10. Aladdin


Source: Games Database

The most addictive game of your childhood. Maybe his shalwar was too relatable 😛


11. Bugs Bunny

bugs bunny

Source: Games Database


12. Pinball


Source: Windows Secrets

This was the game for when you didn’t have a CD or when your computer was so new that you hadn’t loaded any games into it, yet.


13. Sonic the Hedgehog

Source: Digital Spy

The blue spiky haired hero of this game was so fun to follow, especially when he rolled up into a ball and hit those red crabs!


14. Super Bomberman


Source: Games Database

If you haven’t played this ever, your childhood is not complete!




fifa-08-2007 computergames.ro

Source: Computergames.ro

16. WWF WrestleMania Arcade


Source: Web Designer Depot

So many wrestling battles memories, especially the magical leg and punches of Shawn Michael.


17. Virtua Cop


Source: Moby Games

That annoying voice of sirens and “Watch out” or ” Hey! ” . This game was too real for us!


18. Tekken


Source: Moby Games

Tekken or Mortal Kombat? Of course, Tekken. But then which one? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…


19. Street Fighter

street fighter

Oh those keyboard shortcuts and making your character do a K.O! The rush was amazing.


20. Mortal Kombat 


Source: Games Database

A truly violent game of its time. This was a game that was way ahead of its time, with the very brutal end to the losing characters.


21. Galaxy


Source: Games Database



22. Need for Speed

nfs-most-wanted-2005 flicker

Source: EA Games

Till date this game from NFS series is the best one. Most of you would agree that the new movie had nothing on the sexy graphics of this game.


23. Tomb Rider

tomb raider

While we are at game-to-movie adaptations, how can we forget the game that inspired the movie that launched Angelina Jolie’s career.



24. Rayman 


Source: Ubisoft

This was a light hearted game for those who were too chicken for the hardcore violence of Aladdin.


25. Grand Theft Auto


Source: Moby Games

This game captured a generation’s imagination. Now that generation has grown up and so has the game. The GTA V is certainly not a children’s game.



26. Crazy Taxi 

Sega-Games-on-Xbox-360 crazy taxi

Source: SEGA

This is how you learned “rash” driving. Didn’t you?


27. Cricket World Cup 99 

ea sports Cricket

Source: EA Sports

Brain Lara 99 or this. That was a tough choice to make, especially for us cricket crazy country!


28. Road Rush

road rush 1991 - moby games

Source: Moby Games

Raise your hand if you were one of those who indulged in kicking and punching your opponents while speeding past them.


And finally, for the Potter Heads…


29. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone


Source: EA Games

For the fans of Harry Potter books and movies. This was another take into the Potter world, as a precursor to PotterMore that we all know today.


These games must have made you all nostalgic for those after school sessions, when all you cared about was throwing your bag away and firing up the gaming console or your newly bought computer, that was covered to protect from dust. Some of these games that still exist in the upgraded graphics form. Ahh, wish I had a Sonic the Hedge Hog game, right about now.

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