11 Unique Students Which Make The University Of Central Punjab Awesome

By Ibrahim Qutab | 8 Oct, 2015

There are certain groups of people in every university who are either like-minded and have the same background. The University Of Central Punjab or UCP as most of you know it as, is no different. Love them or hate them, these people are the reason why university life becomes memorable.

So here are some of the interesting people you’ll meet at UCP:


1. The 4.0 Squad


You’ll always find this group talking about GPA. They’ll be making plans and discussing strategies just to get 4.0. That is the there ultimate goal in life and that is all they want to achieve.


2. The Sastay Log


This group is unique to UCP. They apply to the University for one reason only. 50% Fee Concession. You know what’s sad about them, though? That concession is for the first semester only.


3. The Rejects

ezgif.com-add-text (1)

These guys don’t get admission, they ask for it. UCP offers a seat at barely passing marks, otherwise they’d be at home or “searching for a meaning of life”.


4. The ‘Gharelu’ People

Source: Pakistani Gif World
Source: Pakistani Gif World

The gharelu squad are those people who come to university JUST.TO.STUDY. No staying late with friends, no masti in class, no faltu baat. For them, life’s all about university ana hai aur jana hai.


5. The Sifarishi Kind


These people were rejected from UCP but they still made it in. How? ‘Money hai tou Degree Hai’


6. The Tip-Top Squad


These people are the most up to date, well dressed, amazing at fashion and always carrying themselves to the top. Girls among them have their high heels on feet and full cake makeup on their faces, the guys are all gelled up and collars popped, ready to dazzle the world.


7. The Jaanis

Source: Pakistani Gif World
Source: Pakistani Gif World

“Why did you choose UCP?” ‘Aise hi, dost bhi wahin ja rahay thay’ WHAT? Where are your ambitions? Your dreams? Your goals?


8. The Poondi Boys

Source: Pakistani Gif World
Source: Pakistani Gif World

UCP main mahol hai? Scene kaisa hai UCP ka? These are questions a ‘scene awn’ student of UCP will ask. Their life’s mission, and sloganis “Scene Awn Te Bachi Down”


9. The Scholarship Squad

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UCP offers a scholarship if you score 2.5 CGPA or above. Scholarship hungry kids join UCP just for that. “Paise bachein ge yaar” Just for the sake of scholarship. Yaaritnay sastay ho?


10. The Always-on-Probation

Source: Pakistani Gif World

UCP LOVES PROBATION. Every other student has been through at least one probation time. You’ve probably heard one friend in your squad say this, or maybe it’s you said: ‘yaar prob per hun


11. The ones who came to UCP because, Abu ki marzi

Source: Pakistani Gif World

These students don’t make any decisions on their own. Whatever Abu say, the answer is ‘jee jee‘. All of their decisions, from the color of the shirt to the subjects and courses they have to pick are made by their amazing abu jaan jees.


If you’re from UCP then you must have met one of these people and if you do not then tell us if such people study in your university, too.


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