#UpsetSeAbSet this 12.12 by shopping through Savyour

By MangoBaaz Studio | 12 Dec, 2021

Are you upset because you missed out on that offer on the smartphone you wanted? Or was it a 50% discount offer you missed on a dress you had your eyes on? Are you still left with some items in your cart you wanted to buy on the 11.11 & Blessed Friday’s epic sale? You are not the only one.


Source: Savyour


Don’t fret, because Savyour is here to save the day! For anyone that missed out on 11.11 deals, please don’t be upset, because everything will be ‘ab set! Get excited (AGAIN) for “12.12” – another crazy opportunity to save up on everything you want (… and missed on). Once again you would have all your favourite brands to choose from, offering the best deals & discounts on EVERYTHING!


Be it clothes, shoes, cosmetics & jewellery or smartphones, tablets, electronic appliances, grocery or home decor – make sure that you seize this opportunity & save BIG!



Where do you start?

Being the trendsetter for discounted online shopping events – Daraz will be offering unbelievable discounts on Daraz 12.12 too! Given the HUGE variety of products it offers, it should be your first choice to get electronic appliances, gadgets, fragrances, skincare products & the latest fashion at discounted rates! Sweetening the 12.12 sale further, Savyour of course – allowing you to stack up your savings even higher- offers massive cashbacks on top of all the offers, deals & discounts offered by Daraz 12.12 sale.

Besides Daraz, you can enjoy great sales and of course Savyour’s cashback on brands such as QnE, Burger Lab, Westpoint, elo, Bagallery and Naheed.pk.


Get cashbacks on your shopping haul by downloading Savyour today!



Here’s how to get cashback on all your 12.12 savings:

  • Download the app & register with your details
  • Choose your favorite brands & place your order
  • Complete your order & get cashback deposited to your Savyour wallet
  • Transfer cashback to your bank account & shop some more!

Savyour offers you the best of Pakistan’s online brands, with the year’s top sales, discounts and deals all in one place. Not only this, Savyour rewards you for shopping, with REAL cash that you can actually withdraw, when you shop through the app.


Not missing out!

Source: Savyour

With another shot at enjoying shopping on your favourite top brands with the craziest deals, discounts & offers, max out your e-commerce experience with Savyour’s guaranteed cashbacks on 250+ top brands! Combine the deals & discounts offered on the 12.12 sale in Pakistan with the added cashbacks and bonuses exclusive to Savyour, and it’s a guarantee that you are a WINNER in the biggest December sale. So missing out on such huge savings is really not a smart move!


Cover image via Savyour

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