Unilever Has Enabled Its Employees To Live Their Best Lives And It Can Help You Find The “Power Of U”, Too

By MangoBaaz Studio | 8 Feb, 2020

Unilever can help you live an impactful life by finding the Power of U

Buddha once said “your purpose in life is to find out your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” In this rapidly changing world, knowing what you love to do, what you are good at, and how you can use it to contribute to the world can make you feel accomplished and at peace. This is why a workplace that helps you not only be a productive, happy employee but also helps you find your purpose in life is a blessing and Unilever is exactly that company.


Unilever aims to help its employees fulfill their purpose while also being conscious of their surrounding communities and environment

That is exactly why the company is working tirelessly to provide people with a platform that will help them find their purpose, act on it, and lead an impactful life. Being such a huge consumer goods company, Unilever realizes the responsibility it has for the society and the planet and follows a sustainable living plan which aims to improve the quality of life of millions of people. They believe that the greater the connect between the individuals’ purpose and the company’s purpose to promote sustainable living, the more mutually beneficial the relationship will be.

Source: Unilever Pakistan


For this purpose, Unilever launched its The Power Of U campaign which helps its employees find meaningful goals that foster a sense of purpose and are ultimately the ones that can potentially change the lives of other people as well


Around the world, and in Pakistan, Unilever team members are sharing their bigger purpose in life and how the company has enabled them to achieve it with the ‘Power of U’ campaign

Amna Raheel, for example, is a Junior Manager at Unilever who works in the E-Commerce department but she is also a inspirational leader. Amna is a wheel-chair enabled person who has shared her life journey and inspired so many people with regards to being mindful of diversity and inclusion. She is also a One Young World Ambassador, bringing her agenda of diversity and inclusion on a global platform.

Source: Unilever Pakistan


Kaukab Sarwar works at Unilever Pakistan but alongside that she is also a “wellbeing warrior”. She is a fitness enthusiast and a marathon runner, having competed in the 1st PAF Marathon where she was the runner up, 4th position holder in the Marathon at Khunjerab at 16,000 feet, the highest marathon in the world and in 2019 became the first Pakistan female to hold the Trifecta title at the Spartan World Championship in Greece. She believes that a healthy body is essential for a good work-life balance as well as a productive, impactful life. So she has initiated a healthy lifestyle program for her coworkers challenging them to run a mile everyday.

Source: Unilever Pakistan


Fizza Ijaz, another team member at Unilever Pakistan, has been empowered by her company to champion women’s empowerment and become a gender champion, herself. She has launched an initiative to help women connect with other female leaders and be more visible in the public space. Her platform is called “Working Moms Pk” and women from all backgrounds get support ranging from career advice to a mere moral bucking up.

Source: Unilever Pakistan


Another team member leading an impactful life at Unilever is Bilal Khan who is a positive influencer. He believes in making a difference in the world by contributing back to those in need. To this regard, leveraging his work and network at Unilever, he has set up endowment funds worth Rs. 30 million, with Pakistan’s top business schools. He is making higher education accessible for underprivileged students with fully funded scholarships. Additionally, he has also taught and mentored more than 650 undergraduate students, providing them a sense of direction for their futures and guidance to deal with the challenges coming their way in their professional lives.

Source: Unilever Pakistan

These are just a few of the empowering stories of people who are being helped by the company to realize their purpose and lead an impactful life. There are thousands of other people who are being enabled by Discover Your Purpose workshops that 95% of the current workforce has already been a part of.

This impactful message is not just for the employees currently working at Unilever. The company and its brands have embraced the sustainable living motto for everyone, by being more mindful and making the consumers as well as their employees a priority. Today, that Unilever ‘U’ is considered an invaluable asset. They see a superhero inside everyone who has the ability to bring changes around their community for a better world and a better you.

To find out more about this campaign, how Unilever helps foster an excellent work environment and to find employment opportunities check our their website, Instagram and Facebook.


Cover image via: Unilever Pakistan

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