A Few Words You Should Maybe, Probably, Definitely Stop Using Because They Make You Sound Like An Ulloo Ka Patha

A Few Words You Should Maybe, Probably, Definitely Stop Using Because They Make You Sound Like An Ulloo Ka Patha

Pakistanis love to talk. After all, with the variety of topics that one can talk about in Pakistan it would’ve been surprising if no one actually talked. And awkward.

But sometimes, too much talking leads you to put your foot in your mouth and say things that make you sound more like an ulloo ka patha than wise as owl. Here are some of those words:


1.  Chuss

This word itself is such a chuss. Better to discard from your dictionary before you end up blurting it in a professional setting.

Source: A Cup of Karachi

2. Bachi

Because no girl really likes being called a ‘baachi.’ More so, women feel objectified by the word, especially when used in phrases such as ‘Bachi check kar.’
Source: Indiopines

3. Dangar

 A word that not only stigmatizes animals but also demeans the existence of a person by saying they’re as low as a “crazy” donkey or cow? There must be much worse things you can think. Try again.

4. Patakha

Okay come on now. There are soooooo many adjectives you can use to describe how attractive a woman is.
Source: Bitchy Urdu Cards

5. Yes kara

This phrase presents a dilemna. It’s not sure whether it’s English or if it’s Urdu. It also just sounds tacky. How about simply just saying “karma karao”? Urdu is a beautiful language, please use it properly.
Source: Tumblr

6. Jaani

Way too overused and way too misused.

7. Shahskay

This vague phrase has no real meaning. And because it has no real meaning, people seem to overly use it. Please stop.

8. Scene on te bachi down

This phrase is probably why you’re still single. Women aren’t something you should be using to look “cool” in front of your friends.

9. Retarded

Mental retardation is a clinical condition, not something for you to use as a synonym for “stupid.” So have some respect for people with this mental condition and do not make their condition synonymous with annoyance and frustration.
Source: Tumblr

10. Habshee

The word habshee derives from the Arabic language and was used for slaves in pre-British India. So, basically it’s our localized version of “negro” which is racist. A person is more than just the color of their skin.
Source: Tumblr

11. Choora

A derogatory word used to describe members of the Christian community, it’s about time we stopped using this nasty word.
Source: reactiongifs

12. Fat

Fat is not a feeling. So stop going around saying “I feel fat” because you’re only shaming others who may not have a conventional body type that conforms to societal values.

13. Kanjar / Marasee

Musicians and artists alike are vital to any culture. Don’t demean them by using derogatory terms that only makes them self-conscious.

14. Bitch

Firstly, the word bitch is really sexist. See past the western influence and go back to using “kuttay” like Noori did in their song. But implying that someone is a dog is probably something you shouldn’t do.
Source: Buzzfeed

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