Turkish DJ Kantik Just Got Engaged To A Girl From Lahore And Pakistanis Have Lots Of Thoughts

By Sarmad Amer | 25 Nov, 2018

DJ Kantik from Turkey recently got engaged in Lahore and it’s just another wave of foreigners finding their love with Pakistani people. This sudden “foreign interest” in Pakistan is weird, probably because there wasn’t much media attention shed on such a phenomenon until the recent wedding of one Maria Helena from the US to a Sialkoti guy. Another reason why this sudden obsession has become a thing is because we’re on a trajectory of promoting a “positive” image of Pakistan these days and what’s more positive than white people wanting to marry Pakistanis, right?


So about DJ Kantik, he’s a Turkish DJ who recently got engaged to a Lahori lady and shared his big news on Instagram

His actual name appears to be Ferhat Kantik and apart from his business channels on YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud and the likes, there isn’t much known about him.


Dj Kantik also appears to be gaining a cult following in Pakistan by playing underground parties and small venues like schools and colleges

According to his professional bio, Kantik’s played in over 38 countries in many famous venues around the world. He is apparently popular with the EDM crowd, which is the genre that seems to be the most popular with Pakistanis, these days.


Soon after Kantik bhai‘s engagement news spread all across the internet, Pakistanis couldn’t help but share their opinions


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s famous words from his inaugural address were recalled at this point


There were comparisons to the recent weddings featuring Pakistani men with foreign women


And some people have particular thoughts about Mrs. Kantik


This guy had a funny comment on one particular photo of the couple


And quite a few people had the same question

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


Some (those who actually knew who the dude is, apparently) were surprised at the engagement news

Via: Facebook


All in all, people seem to be very happy with this “cross cultural” union


Do you have any thoughts about this marriage? Did you even know about DJ Kantik or did you just find out about him like I did only recently after his engagement photos flooded my newsfeed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Cover image via: @ferhatkantik / Instagram

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