13 Of The Best Mehndi Dance Performances For You To Rock The Dance Floor This Year

By Sarmad Amer | 25 Nov, 2018

Mehndi dance performances are no joke. Some people take them way too seriously because after all, they’re probably the only time so many people get to showcase their true potential on the dance floor. There really isn’t a lot of other opportunity that people who love shaadis and dancing can ever really have other than these mehndi dance performances so shut up and dance.

Here are some of the funnest dance performances we’ve scoured the depths and breadths of YouTube just for you, and they’re from this year alone:


This tribute to the classic Madhuri Dixit ‘Aik Do Teen‘ Song


This professional AF dance with killer moves


Cute medley of classic songs featuring both, the bride and the groom’s performance


This medley of fun Punjabi dance numbers


This medley to put the boys front and center on the dance floor


This couple’s medley of the classic Hassan Jehangir song’s cover ‘Hawa Hawa‘ and ‘High Rated Gabru


This performance on the Punjabi hit ‘Jaani Tera Naa‘ for women who can really hold their own on the dance floor


This medley featuring some typical Bollywood dance numbers, with a twist


This medley of recent hits


This really fun performance on ‘Chogada Tara‘ to get the whole family in on the action


This elaborate performance of ‘Afghan Jalebi‘ with props and all


This easy medley for the folks who have two left feet


And this final number to close out as the bride and groom’s dance


So put your playlists in order and get, set, naach.


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Cover image via: Mir Anwar / mybigfatpakistaniwedding.com

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