This Cringy AF Interview With The 41 Year Old American Bride & Her 21 Year Old Sialkoti Groom Is Viral All Over Pakistan

By Rameeza Ahmad | 16 Nov, 2018

I guess what they say is true; love truly is blind. 

Love truly knows no bounds, and this VERY unlikely couple is here to prove exactly that. The Pakistani airwaves have been dominated by this American bride coming to Pakistan to marry her young groom for the past couple days now and last night they were forced into a very cringy interview that’s viral all over Pakistani interwebs.


This 21-year-old Sialkoti boy somehow managed to woo a 41-year-old American veterinarian through her Instagram direct messages

His loved filled messages apparently truly won her over. Guess Alama Iqbal isn’t the only Sialkoti poet now.

Source: Daily Pakistan / Facebook

The two met on Instagram when Kashif messaged her and Maria actually responded. They then talked for 1o months before Maria Helena came to Pakistan. Kashif, the groom, went to receive Maria Helena at the Islamabad airport. And the pair made waves since the 20 year age gap and the way they met is pretty unique and everyone wanted to know their story. Especially other frandshippers, who wanted tips and tricks from Kashif since he was successful.

To get the full scoop on their love story, Daily Pakistan sent an interviewer to their place. And the interview was just SO DAMN CRINGY. It is apparent that Maria and Kashif are both overwhelmed and do not seem like they want to converse but the interviewer has enough enthusiasm for both of them combined.


The interviewer has some pretty funny questions for the couple including my personal favorite, HE STRAIGHT UP ASKED KASHIF IF HE WAS DOING THIS FOR THE GREEN CARD.

Damn, talk about hard journalism, am I right?

Source: Daily Pakistan / Facebook


Other than that, it is revealed that Maria has converted to Islam and Kashif says he is going to teach her Namaz and other tenets of Islam himself. How sweet.

As all of this is unfolding, Kashif’s friends are right there and seem pretty excited about the entire thing. I would venture to say that they are even more excited about the situation than Kashif himself. And when the interviewer asks whether they are sad that their friend might be leaving for the United States soon and how they feel about that, one of them happily responds by saying he’s happy and has told him to find him some old American woman to marry as well. W-H-A-T. Everyone laughs at this including Maria who probably has no idea what was just said.

Source: Daily Pakistan / Facebook

During this trainwreck of an interview, the interviewer randomly tries to get Maria to sing a Punjabi song as well. But she seems utterly confused and doesn’t play along so the interviewer sings it for her. Yep. The entire interview is incredibly weird and just amazing to watch. The couple seems to genuinely like each other.


People definitely noticed that the anchor was bring really, really cringy in this interview

Via: Facebook
Via: Facebook


But generally they seem pretty happy for the pair at least, shukar


There’s also a lot of trolling that this might the young man’s way of getting American passport

Via: Facebook


Well, we wish this couple the best of luck. You can watch the entire interview here:

41سالہ امریکی خاتون 21سالہ پاکستانی لڑکے سے شادی کرنے سیالکوٹ پہنچ گئی ،ان کی طنز و مزاح سے بھر پور خصوصی گفتگو آپ بھی برہ راست دیکھیں

Gepostet von Daily Pakistan am Donnerstag, 15. November 2018

What do you think of Maria and Kashif’s love story? Let us know in the comments.


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