13 Images That Will Make You Never Want To Travel In Pakistan Again, Ever

By Momina Mindeel | 17 Dec, 2016

If you’re looking to travel in Pakistan, you need to read this one. And no, unfortunately, this is not a sarcastic post, no matter how much I wanted to turn it into one.

Pakistan has no dearth of beautiful landscapes and aptly named fairy meadows but the fact that most of these places have practically been turned into trash cans serves as a reminder of our negative capabilities. Littering in Pakistan has assumed the shape of a plague that is spreading like wildfire across the country and it is about time we address it and be the good people that we are.

Here are some of the most horrific pictures from Pakistan; a manifestation of our littering capabilities that know no bounds:


1. A garbage collection point in Islamabad set up by CDA; an exact opposite of what it should be doing 

Source: Muhammad Junaid

2. The open garbage dumps near the Faizabad bus stand manifesting our truly negative capabilities 

Source: Pakistan Today

3. Boars rummaging through a garbage pile in Murree, one of the country’s oft-visited recreational sites

Source: Eexpress Tribune

4. What’s supposed to be a greenbelt along the side of a road in Bhara Kahu

Source: Dawn.com

5. The road opposite to the back entrance of Sindh Secretariat. The irony!

6. Just some extra plastic shopping bags adorning the streets of our pyara Pakistan

Source: The Nation

7. A road in Multan laced with animal offal and waste during Eid-ul-Adha

Source: Express Tribune

8. Just one of the road sides in one of the Pakistan’s biggest cities, Karachi 

Source: Khanyawar

9. A ghastly sight at Thandiani; a famous tourist spot located in the northern areas of Pakistan 

10. Somewhere in TharParkar

Source: Express Tribune

11. G- Sector Islamabad, one of the biggest victims of litter. Islamabad ain’t that pretty, sigh! 

Source: Express Tribune

12. A usual yet unfortunate sight in the city of lights, Karachi 

Source: GeoTV

13. This place in Clifton (that these school kids cleaned for you lazy asses)

Let’s just all vow to be the IVS kids who not only cleaned the street 33 of Clifton’s block 2 but repainted it as well.


Cover Image Via:Bilal Ahmed

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