TikTok Star Romaisa Khan Lashed Out At Instagram Influencer Christian Betzmann For Basically Saying Protests For Palestine Are Useless

By Noor | 21 May, 2021

Romaisa Khan and other Pakistanis called out Christian Betzmann

The Israeli armed oppression against the defenseless Palestinians has been making headlines all over the world. The catastrophic bombing in Gaza is being fearlessly conducted by the Israeli forces while the poor Palestinians continue to suffer from the worst humanitarian crisis. Amidst the ongoing violence in the Palestinian region, many common folk, celebrities and social media influencers all across the world have shown support for the Palestinians.


Christian Betzmann, a German vlogger, who was recently in the news after he accepted Islam and got engaged to Pakistani actress Zoya Nasir, also commented on the Palestine issue

Christian Betzmann, basically said that talking about Palestine on social media platforms won’t make any difference as the news is already all over the mainstream media

The vlogger charted out an irrelevant comparison between the Pakistanis dying due to contaminated water and the Palestinians dying because of being bombed by Israeli forces. Christian tried to highlight his opinion that social media can’t dictate the way politics or governments work. He further sent prayers to the Palestinian people.


One user shared her experience of calling out Christian for his factually incorrect and extremely offensive remarks


Naturally, this infuriated the people who questioned the vlogger regarding his stance

While responding to the questions, Christian reiterated his point by saying that social media has never helped in any political events. He also said that the world sees and hears Palestine but one has no power over a government.

Source: @meowznah/Instagram


TikTok star Romaisa Khan also confronted Christian Betzmann regarding his statement

Romaisa explained that Pakistan has its own sets of problems but they can’t be wrongfully compared to what the Palestinians are going through, as Christian had. She even called Christian a selfish man who now is talking trash about the country which warmly welcomed him with love.

Source: @romaisa.khan._/Instagram

Romaisa also shared how she was unfollowed by Christian even though he was the one who had initially followed her on Instagram.


Romaisa Khan also compared the remarks of Christian Betzmann to international celebrities like Zayn Malik, Gigi and Bella Hadid

Source: @romaisa.khan._/Instagram


Before this incident Romaisa Khan and Christian Betzmann had worked together in a commercial and been on apparently cordial terms

romaisa khan christian betzmann sprite
Source: @spritepk / Instagram


Christian responded to the backlash by saying that he condemns whatever is happening in Palestine but choosing to not speak about an issue should not be treated as an opportunity to insult him

Basically he continued to press upon his own point of view and said in his own words, ” calling people bad words just because they don’t want to share their opinion is stupid.” He further said that if social media was as powerful as people were saying it was then it would have helped Pakistanis to fix their issues too.

Source: @christianbetzmann/Instagram
Source: @christianbetzmann/Instagram
Source: @christianbetzmann/Instagram

It is understandable if Christian Betzmann had a different opinion regarding the whole issue, that is his right, after all. It is also okay if he did not want to share his actual opinion regarding the Palestine issue but trying to explain to others that whatever they are doing for the cause will end up in nothing isn’t justified either. A more sensitive language from the Instagram influencer should have been used to get his point across to an audience who’s already in shock, and emotionally charged, because of the horrific tales of the war crimes coming from Palestine.



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Cover image via @romaisa.khan._ via Instagram/@christianbetzmann via Instagram

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