Pakistanis Are Ashamed After Christian Villagers In Okara Were Tortured Because Young Boys Were Accused Of Throwing Dust At A Landlord

By Noor | 19 May, 2021

A mob attacked Christian villagers in Okara over an allegation against young kids

Inclusivity and tolerance are concepts that are admired by many but practiced by few. Contrary to the promise of making a plural Pakistani society that would have welcomed and respected people from different religious backgrounds, religious minorities in the country continue to face discrimination and persecution to this date. While we continue to highlight the atrocities committed to Muslims in other parts of the world, incidents like these suggest that we also need to put our house in order.


A group of people physically tortured the Christian villagers in Okara after a verbal fight that took place a few days ago

According to reports, it all started off when a landlord allegedly claimed that Christian boys threw dust on him while cleaning the church. Tensions escalated when the landlord and his fellows attacked fifteen houses of the Christian community. A member of the community stated, “they broke the locks, grabbed our hair, and pulled us out one by one. Young girls were assaulted and left with torn clothes.”

Horrific details were shared by the victims, who said, “they were armed with glass bottles, stones, axes, batons, and bricks. Others used stairs to climb to our roofs and started breaking our furniture. We pleaded to spare the women but the attack continued for half an hour.”


Naturally, Pakistanis are disappointed by the atrocities suffered by Christian villagers in Okara

They argued that they as Muslims can’t fight for their rights in other countries if they themselves are subjugating their religious minorities through such torture.


They were ashamed by the ill-treatment towards the minorities and said that the Muslim minorities will only get respect if the general population learn to be respectful, instead of waiting for the Government to do something


People have also urged Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari to take concrete steps to ensure that not only are the criminals of the Christian villagers in Okara prosecuted but to also ensure this doesn’t happen again

Mahira Khan also commented on the issue by saying that the nation needs to lead by example thus granting the basic rights to the minorities is very important.


Many highlighted the hypocrisy of Pakistanis who raise their voices for Palestinians and Kashmiris but appear ignorant about the violence against non-Muslims in Pakistan


Pakistanis continued to say that they are embarrassed about the violence such as the one against Christian villagers in Okara where culprits are not held accountable

Despite the constitution guaranteeing the basic rights to the minorities, the inhumane treatment of this fraction of the society is not put to an end. They continue to suffer in their own country where the culprits fearlessly treat them as children of a lesser God. The need for a thorough investigation and a strict implementation of the laws is required to ensure that the minorities do not go through such torture again.


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