Alizeh Shah Just Clapped Back After She Was Bullied For Her New Look In Her Singing Debut

By Noor | 18 May, 2021

Alizeh Shah released a new song but the audience got fixated on the wrong thing

Up and coming actress Alizeh Shah has quickly made a name for herself owing to her good looks and undisputed talent. She has impressed the audience with her acting abilities and has been in the public eye for quite some time because of her stunning performances in TV dramas like Ehd e Wafa,  Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Ishq Tamasha, and many others. Well, the actress just made her singing debut but it hasn’t gone quite the way you would think.


Alizeh Shah recently made her singing debut in a new song with Sahir Ali Bagga, called, Badnamiyian

The song was released by Sahir Ali Bagga’s official YouTube channel a couple days ago. Alizeh was not only a part of the video but she also sang the song herself which was a composition by Sahir Ali Bagga.


The release of the song was followed by a severe backlash from the audience who did not really like Alizeh’s singing 

Quite a few people noticed that it sounded suspiciously auto-tuned. While auto-tune and other such voice tuning tools are quite common in the music industry, to the audience, Alizeh sounded a bit too robotic.

Source: Sahir Ali Bagga/YouTube


They went on to say that the only bearable part of the song was Sahir’s bit

Source: Sahir Ali Bagga/YouTube


People brutally trolled the actress for her singing 

Source: Sahir Ali Bagga/YouTube
Source: Sahir Ali Bagga/YouTube


However, the audience really did not stop there, they continued to comment on the way the actress was dressed in her song and ventured into full blown bullying


People slut-shamed Alizeh Shah for also showcasing a look the audience hasn’t usually seen her in


They even said that the actress has lost her charm because of her new look

Source: Sahir Ali Bagga/YouTube


On the contrary, a few tried to school the people by explaining how the criticism was wrongly directed towards the clothes of the actress


Alizeh Shah responded to the trolling by questioning the priorities of the audience to focus on her clothing instead of on matters she felt were more important

She questioned people who have focused on this song and its criticism instead of talking about other important issues like Palestine.

Source: @alizehshahofficial/Instagram

It needs to be understood that whatever way an individual dress up is their own choice and people can’t dictate their own opinions or preferences regarding this. More importantly, Alizeh is an actress. The whole point of being a good actress or entertainer is that she is able to showcase diverse looks and characters. Similarly, this “modern” new look is a marked change for Alizeh from her usually conservative drama looks. The audience’s criticism based on their own biases is completely unfounded. But most importantly, our audience needs to learn the fact that clothes can’t serve as a parameter for judging morality and the character of an individual.




Cover image via Sahir Ali Bagga/YouTube

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