Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas Is Getting Brutally Trolled For His Bizarre Comments About Israel And Palestine

By Noor | 12 May, 2021

Murad Raas made some bizarre comments on the ongoing Israel Palestine issue

The violence and the atrocities committed by Israel in Palestine need no introduction. Palestinians in the Gaza strip suffer from the worst humanitarian crisis and the silence of the international media and the UN regarding the issue is deafening. So, in a recent turn of events, Al-Aqsa Mosque was attacked by Israeli forces after recent escalation in conflicts over displacement of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah area. This recent inhumane treatment by Israel has brought the Palestine issue to the forefront and people all over the world have been demanding justice.


The Education Minster, Punjab Murad Raas came up with a statement about the Israel and Palestine situation that practically made no sense to the general public

The Education Minister, Punjab, Murad Raas stated that he is shocked to see that Palestinians do not even own a single gun to defend themselves against the Israeli forces. He further inquired about the Palestine support money. The minister was surprised to know that even in a modern era like this, Palestinians use stones in response to being bombed and shot. In Murad sahib’s words, ” Why can’t they buy a single gun to defend themselves. Being bombed and shot- 2021 still using stones?”


Naturally, this was followed by a fierce reaction from the awaam who tried to school the Minister about the Palestine issue


A lot of people blamed the Government and said that PTI ministers always end up finding a way to disappoint the people in the country


They tried explaining to Murad Raas that the Israel Palestine situation where Palestinians suffer to get hold of basic necessities to survive, concern for latest weapons is the least of their worries


A few continued to highlight the miserable condition of the Palestinians


People also lamented the fact that Pakistani politicians need to be trained in how they make public statements

They even questioned that being an education minister and not being educated enough to comment on international issues is a concern for Mr. Raas.

While people around the world view the Palestinian issue as one of the gravest international humanitarian crises, our politicians continue to make the situation worse by using illogical arguments. The oppression against Palestinians and their suffering points towards the underlying inefficiency of the international community to resolve the matter.

In a situation like this, when Palestinians are going through the worst, the minimum which can be done by our country’s leadership is to be a little more sympathetic and considerate before commenting on serious issues like this one. Or at least be trained in making public statements at a time like this.



Cover image via eduvision.edu.pk

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